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I want to thank those few people out there reading my book, it means the world to me!

With no further adue...

                    Clarke's POV

I was a little surprised when Oliver said he was taking me out to get something to eat but I guess he's just trying to be nice. He pulls into some little restaurant a few minutes after passing my road.

"How's this place look?" Oliver asks undoing his seatbelt. "Looks good to me." I look down. He chuckles and gets out closing the door behind him. I keep my head down telling myself it's gonna be okay, I can already feel my anxiety start to rise. I jump slightly when my door is opened. I look up and am met by the blue eyes of Oliver.

"Oh, thank you." I step out of the car. "No problem." He grins creepily down at me.

We walk inside and Oliver tells the lady at the front he would like a booth for two. She nods curtly and leads us to a booth in the far back corner where it's more secluded. I look around and notice no one else is seated in this area. Oh great.

I sit down and Oliver slides in on the other side folding his hands together, smiling at me. I smile back and look out the window.

"So how have you been?" He asks. "Fine, just tired." I look back while I answer and notice he's just sitting there staring at me.

"Tired? Got something on that pretty little mind of yours?" He smirks.

"Just homework." I lie. "I understand, teachers hand out homework like we hand out penny's to the homeless." He chuckles running his hand through his blond hair.

A waiter walks up to our table "Hello guys welcome to Pat's, what would you like to drink?" He looks up and I immediately recognize him, he's one of the boys I go to school with. Pretty much ever since kindergarten.

"Hey Clarke, didn't see you at first." I'm shocked when he said my name. I had no idea he knew me. " Hey Dylan." I smile shyly tucking hair behind my ear.

"Who's this?" Oliver interjects. "I'm Dylan sir, I go to school with Clarke here." He smiles down at me. "And I'm guessing you're her father?" Oliver's face turns red in I'm guessing anger. "No I am not her father. You need to do your job and leave us alone." He seethes. Dylan's eyes widen and he looks at me and back at Oliver clearing his throat. "So what will you have to drink sir?"

"Coke." He grumbles out. Dylan nods and looks at me. I smile at him for reassurance. "Sweet tea please." Dylan smiles and walks off.

"You aren't close to that boy are you?" I look up at Oliver furrowing my eyebrows. "No sir we just have a few classes together." He sighs and nods.

"So," he sits up looking me in the eye. "I was wondering i-" Dylan places our drinks on the table. I smile up at him while Oliver sends a glare. Dylan smiles at me and takes our orders.


After a slightly awkward dinner Oliver is bringing me home. Dylan gave us our meal on the house but Oliver insisted on paying, seeming almost offended he offered.

I remember seeing Dylan's face fall when Oliver declined. Dylan's one of those guys who is very nice but hardly gets any attention. He's just kinda there, doing his own thing. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He used to get made fun of a lot for wearing glasses but it's gotten better throughout the years. I think they make him look very nice.

Oliver pulls up outside my house, turns off his engine as he turns to me. "Thank you for dinner sir."

"It's Oliver sweetheart," he chuckles placing his hand on my knee. My heart beat accelerates. "Why can't you seem to remember that?" He leans closer moving his hand higher. All I can think about is how to get out of here.

Just as his lips were about to touch mine he gasps and moves his hand that was on my thigh up to his neck. I immediately jump out of the truck and run towards the house. Oliver yells at me to come back but I ignore him and slam the door shut. I start to run upstairs but am stopped by my mother.

"Honey what's the matter?" She askes putting her hands on each side of my head.

"M-mister Oliver h-he tried to-" in cut off by a knock at the door. Before I can protest my mother answers it. "Hello Oliver! Why don't you come in?" I stand there to shocked to even move. Oliver steps in with my school bag hanging off his finger with a smirk on his face.

"Honey we have to talk to you about something." My mother grabs Oliver's hand and my mouth falls open in shock.

"Oliver and I are engaged Clarke." I look back and forth  between them both, waiting for them to laugh and tell me this is a joke.

But their laughter never comes.

"What?" Is all I can manage to say. My mom chuckles " why do you think I've been having him pick you up honey? I did it so you could grow closer. That's why he took you out to dinner tonight. I even got off early so I could tell you the news!" 

I have so many things to say but they are all stuck in my throat. Oliver steps towards me. "The wedding is Saturday, I move in Sunday." I step backwards. No I can't live with him. He just touched me! How could I?!

I tear up and run out the back door, not listening to my mothers voice calling me back. I run into the woods a few meters behind my house. I don't care where I'm going or what happens to me on the way. All I need right now is to get away.

I run like my life depends on it. The deeper into the forest I run, the darker it gets. I trip over a rock and scream closing my eyes, bracing myself for the fall. But it never comes.

I slowly open my eyes and look around. I'm floating in the air and it feels like I'm being held by someone, but no ones here. I scream and start kicking around feeling completely helpless and being totally freaked out. I hear a grunt and I start crying again. I'm too afraid to move so I just curl into a ball and hope I will wake from this nightmare.

"Calm down baby, its alright Clarke." Someone whispers into my ear. I let out a sob, my whole body shaking. 

Whatever this is starts talking again. "Now don't freak out okay? I'm not going to hurt you." I look up through my tears and I see the void start to change. I start to see the something that's holding me. Someone holding me.

I gasp as I recognize who it is. Someone I was convinced was a figment of my imagination.



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