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                  Clarke's POV

I breathe in the cold air deeply into my lungs trying to calm my nerves. If he wanted to kill me he would have done it by now. I have no idea why but I am so nervous right now, I can't wait to get there to see who it is but at the same time I'm terrified.

I cross the street getting close to where I'm heading. This is the abandoned part of town, if anyone comes this way it's for a very specific reason. 

I look up at the sky enjoying the light colors provided by the sunset. I close my eyes momentarily basking in the cold night air when I hear ruffling.

My eyes snap open scanning the area looking for whatever caused that noise. Seeing no one I pick up my pace.

I hear footsteps behind me, turning around I scream when I see those two familiar men bustling their way towards me.

The one slaps a hand over my mouth while the other picks me up dragging me into the woods close by.

I start sobbing as they lay me down on a patch of grass snaking their hands up my shirt. "N-no! Stop!" I cry out but they ignore my pleas popping the button on my jeans.

"No one gets away from us! We always get what we want." The taller one shouts in my face pulling my jeans down my legs leaving me in my sweater and underwear.

A snap sounds behind both men who are fixing to reach for my underwear, I look up through teary eyes to see familiar green ones.

The man drags both men away at once, beating them both to a bloody mess. After they are out, and probably with some broken bones, the man turns to me. I immediately recognized him to be the one who I saw at the football game and theatre.

I lay there frozen as he holds his hand out for me to take, his forest eyes boring into mine. I slowly reach up and take his hand, allowing him to help me up. I keep good distance between us while we just stare at one another. "Clarke." He takes a step towards me while I take one back in fright.

His face softens. This is the first time I've seen him up close, I take a moment to look him over. He has black, curly hair that's very neatly gelled back. His forest eyes are framed by dark lashes looking me over almost trying to figure something out, thick eyebrows furrowed. His large frame towers over me, he is muscular and tall, that much is sure. He wears a nice back suit with a white button down underneath, the top few buttons undone.

I tilt my head to the side and ask the question that has been begging to come out since I first saw him. "Who are you?"

He straightens up looking down at me hesitantly before opening his mouth to let out his deep voiced reply. "Clarke, it's me, your father."

My mouth hangs open in shock. "D-dad?" I stutter out.

"Yes darling, it's me." He takes a step forward, this time with me staying still. "Please sweetheart, let me explain." He takes another step forward while I just stand there wondering why my father, who I haven't seen in 11 years, has decided to just pop up.

"Clarke." He whispers now standing right in front of me. "Dad." I whimper out latching into him. He immediately hugs me to him, rubbing soothing circles on my back.

"Shh shh, it's alright, I'm here." I have no idea where this all came from but all of a sudden I feel the consequences of my father not being here for years all pour out as I sob into his chest.

He reaches down picking me up, I suddenly remember I'm only standing here in my cream sweater and black underwear. Of course they would dramatically contrast each other so it's obvious. I put my hands over my legs in embarrassment. He sets me back down momentarily, taking his suit jacket off and wrapping it around me, it coming to my knees. He picks my jeans and me back up and walks me out of the woods into the street to a car I didn't see before.

He gently sets me down in the passenger seat, buckling me in before stalking over to his side and driving away. "Would you like to go home, or somewhere else?" He asked keeping his gaze on the road while I put my pants back on.

I don't want to have to deal with Oliver's questioning once he sees a grown man bring me home close to dark. "There's a coffee shop just down the road." He nods speeding up.

Once we are sat in a booth in a corner away from everyone else he starts to explain.

"Sweetheart, I left you and your mother, and for that I am very sorry. I left because I knew I was bad for you, I was bad for both of you. I had a drinking problem and because of that I was mean to you, abusive. I remember when I.." he looks down for a moment seeming to have trouble saying the next sentence. " I remember when I hit you. That was the moment I realized what exactly I was doing. And it wasn't good. I left so I could make myself better, better for you. I went to a rehab facility and got the help I needed. After about a year, I was at the point where I could leave. I decided to make something of myself before I came back to you and your mother. One thing led to another and I ended up getting employed at a very nice business and moving up in the company."

"But why didn't you come back sooner? You left us by ourselves." I try to hold back the tears.

"Oh sweetheart, I asked multiple times if I could come back. Your mother wouldn't let me, she said you didn't want to see me. I payed for the house, car, and sent a healthy check every month. I wanted to make sure you wouldn't grow up in poverty because of me." A tear slides down my cheek.

She knew he wanted to come back and didn't even tell me? And then lied to him about it.

Tears start pouring out of my eyes and before I know it he came over and sat beside me. He wipes my tears away, tucking hair behind my ear. "Don't cry sweetie, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

I shake my head hiccuping through my tears. "N-no. Mom didn't even tell me you wanted to come b-back. Other wise I would have welcomed y-you in." His eyes hold so many emotions, mostly anger mixed with sadness. He sighs pulling me in for a hug placing his chin on top of my head.

"Shh darling, I'm here now."


                 Unknown POV

I lean against a tree on the playground, I look at my watch.


I sigh pushing off the tree and slowly walking away. I understand that my baby was scared to see me. I can't blame her, a man is madly in love with her and she doesn't even know who I am.

I look down at my suit, I had to look good for my baby girl, especially for her first time seeing me and knowing exactly how I feel. It's so hard to be around her and not tell her how I feel. Granted I'm not around her as much as I could be, and not nearly as much as I long to be.

Once I turned in the information anonymously about that stupid guardian being in "love" with her I wiped my hands of him. I'm so glad he's out of the way now.

I can finally have my baby girl.

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