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                   Mason's POV

It's Friday, the day before the wedding. I know Clarke is dreading tomorrow and I can't blame her. Oliver is a disgusting, perverted man. He will never lay a hand on my Clarke. As long as there is breath in my body, he will never touch her.

After Lisa drops off Clarke we walk into the school. I growl under my breath when I see a boy look at her. Clarke blindly holds her hand out and I immediately take it, knowing she's trying to calm me down. She knows how protective I am. Especially at school where there's a bunch of testosterone pumped little boys that only want someone to take their frustrations out on. Disgusting pigs.

I'm enraptured with how beautiful Clarke looks today. Her jet black hair flowing down to her tiny waist, the black jeans with her dark shirt and leather jacket that hugs all the right places. She looks pale as always, with the subtle but natural blush to her cheeks that only deepens when I whisper words of praise. Her ruby red lips that I can't take my eyes off of when she moves them to form words. And oh those green eyes. The glint that appears when I hold her close, the love oozing out of them that lets me know that, weather she knows it or not, she feels the same way I do.

Clarke bumps into somebody, I react quick making sure she doesn't fall. "I-I'm so sorry I didn't see you there." She stutters looking at the ground. "Oh no it's fine, I was the one who ran into you my dear." Mr. Smith grins down at my girl. Why is he calling her my dear? She's my dear. Not his.

Clarke looks up with worry and shock, probably afraid because she ran into her teacher. He seems to notice as he put his hand on her shoulder while I let out a small but deep growl. "Really, its fine. Are you ready to start helping me grade papers Monday?"

I'm glad he's trying to ease her mind but for the love of all that's good get your hand off her.

"Oh y-yes sir." He smiles down at her and the bell rings. "Well I'll see you in a few hours!" And with that he's gone. Clarke continues on to her locker.


After what probably felt like a long day to my baby she heads to the store. Obviously she's trying to avoid Oliver at all costs. That's my girl.

She walks the isles picking up different things she needs at the house. We turn onto the boxed food isle because every time she grocery shops she has to get mac-n-cheese. She really seems to love that stuff. A dark figure walks out of the isle just as we get on it.

I'm staring at him while he walks out of the store when I hear a gasp.

Clarke is standing with another note in her hand as well as a single rose. It must have been on the mac-n-cheese box. I try to calm my baby by engulfing her into me. I whisper reassurances and promise eternal safety.

Whoever this is had better quit if they want to live.


After we got home we read the note together while I was doing all that I could to comfort Clarke.

It basically said the same stuff as the last one, just creepy observations and promises of "being together soon". Obviously whoever this is, is indeed following her and plans on going through with this. Well they have no idea whats coming.

Clarke lays on her bed with her eyes closed, I can tell she's not asleep. Should I say something or should I just stay quiet? I hesitantly sit down beside her still form just studying her face. "It's rude to stare." She opens one eye looking up at me just to close it.

I laugh at my precious baby and crawl on top of her making sure non of my weight is crushing her. I lean down and kiss her nose causing a smile to play on her lips. "When there's something like this in front of me you can't blame me for staring a bit." She opens her eyes rolling them.

"It's also wrong to lie, mister 'I come from heaven'. " Augh I hate it that she can't see what I see. What is so obvious.

"I'm not li-" we both look towards her bedroom door when the doorbell rings. She groans and tries to get up, but I have other plans.

"Mason get off me." She pushes on my chest while I chuckle at her adorable attempt to move me.  So cute.

"Mason I have to get the door!" She looks up at me with those huge green eyes and I burry my face into her neck inhaling her rose scent. The ringing of the doorbell is constant now and Clarke raises my head with her finger making my eyes meet hers.

"Please Ton-ton." She looks up at me with the cutest puppy face and I can't help but give in. With the face and the name it's just AUGH.

I groan and roll off of her and she runs towards the front door. I follow making sure she's safe as always.

She slides to a stop in her socks as she opens the door to find a very upset Oliver. "Why haven't you been waiting for me the past few days?" He seethes. Clarke takes a tiny step back while I take a large one forward.

Clarke try's her best to come up with an excuse "I-I forgot."

"Forgot my ass! That's the third time you have 'forgot'! I waited two hours for you Clarke. Can't you see I just want to make sure you get home safe? Can't you see that I care about you?" He says the last part with sad eyes. You don't care for her, you just want to use her.

Clarke seems to take his bait when she looks down at her feet in shame. "I'm sorry I'll be there waiting tomorrow.. I promise." Oliver smiles in triumph and reaches out to hug her. She stiffens but eventually hugs back. Meanwhile I've already changed over and can only think about slitting his throat.

Clarke pulls away much to my liking and Oliver's disliking. "We need to grow closer , we are going to be family tomorrow after all." He chuckles.

"Yeah," Clarke runs her tiny fingers through her dark hair "well I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you then." He smiles like a boy who just got said yes to after asking a girl out for the first time.

She closes the door "Mason?" I become visible and she jumps slightly when she sees I've turned to my other side. I forgot she hasn't seen this side of me since she was six.

I'm still breathing heavily when she walks up to me resting her hand on the side of my face. I sigh closing my eyes and lean my head into her hand.

"It's okay Mason, I'm here." She whispers grabbing my hand and placing it over her heart, like I used to do to her when she was little. I calm down when I feel her heart beating beneath my palm and slowly change back to my normal self.

Clarke smiles leaning up to kiss my jaw. "You're my hero."


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