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Mason's POV

Clarke lays asleep in my arms and all I can think is how lucky I am.

I almost lost it yesterday. I almost kissed Clarke, on the lips. I can't let her know of my feelings just yet, she already has so much on her plate, what with her step father, her mother, that secret admirer and all of the boys chasing her that she's totally oblivious to.

I wish I could tell her I love her in a non platonic way. I wish I could kiss her on the lips, I wish I could marry her, watch her abdomen swell with the love I would instill in her. I wish to grow older with her, hold her hand as we watch our grandchildren play together. I want to spend the rest of eternity, staring into her eyes, wondering how I was lucky enough to be assigned her.

Clarke stirs, turning around to face me, eyes still shut. "Stop watching me." She mumbles.

I chuckle kissing her nose.
I wish it were her lips.

She opens her eyes smiling softly up at me. She yawns stretching tiny arms above her head.

So cute.

She jerks mid yawn, laying her arms across her stomach. "What's wrong? do you hurt?" I question cupping her small cheeks in my hands. She better not hurt. I hate that her mortal being is able to experience pain. She should never feel anything but joy and the love I'll smother her with.

"No I'm fine." She's lying.

"Baby girl, if you're hurt you shouldn't be embarrassed to show it. I'll always be here to help you my sweet." I kiss her forehead getting up off the bed. I grab her some Tylenol from the bathroom cabinet.

You know, my baby loves coffee...

I turn invisible and tip toe downstairs, her parents are still asleep so this should be easy.

I grab a glass and pour Clarke some iced mocha coffee from the fridge and start to head upstairs.

Heat helps with cramps.

I turn around and grab the heat pack and place it into the microwave, cringing at the beep because of my starting it.

After a couple of minutes I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I quickly open the microwave grabbing the heat pack and coffee holding my wings in front of them so they will be invisible as well. I stand still as Oliver stumbles sleepily into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. I quietly slip past him eager to get to my angel in pain.

I open the door to see my Clarke curled up in a ball, she must really hurt. "Angel." I coo getting in beside her. I start messaging her back with my wings and delicately place my hands on her abdomen.

"Does this help?" I question quietly looking into her emerald orbs. She nods, her nose rubbing against my chest at our close proximity.

"Oh! I almost forgot." I grab the hot pad and place it gently on her stomach after making sure it wasn't too hot. Clarke visibly relaxes and sits up leaning against the headboard. I follow her lead and place a pillow behind her handing her the iced mocha and medicine.

Clarke gasps taking a sip from her favorite beverage. "Thank you so much Mason, I don't know what I would do without you." She leans her head on my shoulder.


Clarke is sitting in math class looking so confused and worried at the same time while everyone starts working on their worksheet.

Yesterday me and Clarke stayed in watching movies and cuddling all day. Today has been better pain wise but whenever a cramp would arise I could always tell by the look on her face. Anytime that happens I gently massage her back.

My baby seems to have trouble with math so I lean over and whisper in her ear, instructing how to solve the problem. She nods her head rapidly, finally understanding what her teacher failed to explain.


Clarke slowly walks down the hall towards that Smith guys class. He claims to want to help but I don't know, he seems a little to friendly for my liking. Well I'd like to keep Clarke all to myself, but still.

She lightly knocks on the door fiddling with her fingers, seeming to be nervous. He opens the door welcoming her in with a smile.

"How are you today miss Clarke?" He questions patting her arm. I tense wishing his unwanted touch away.

"I'm okay." She tucks hair behind her ear while I wrap my arms around her, rubbing her stomach. He finally removes his hand gesturing for her to sit down as he does.

"I found something on that letter." Clarke hums in response encouraging him to continue.

"The stationary this person used is rare, expensive. We can figure out where the stationery is sold and go from there. Has he used the same paper each time?" Clarke nods reaching to the back of her jeans, walking over and handing him the letter. "I received this Saturday but never opened it."

"My I?" He motions to it while my baby nods. I can tell she's nervous so I wrap my wings around her tiny frame.

Smith carefully opens the letter and reads it aloud.


      I find it so hard to hold back from walking up and ripping those males away from you, crushing their sculls in. They have no business being so close to what is mine. They can't love you like I can, and they won't. I love you so much my sweet, I find it more difficult everyday not to climb into your window and ravish you until you're shaking, begging me to stop. Anyways, I want you to keep in mind how much you mean to me my dear. I would do anything for you, anything. Never forget, you are mine.

                      ~Your lover

Clarke gasps taking a step back, knocking into my chest. I burry my face into her hair and whisper comforting reassurances.

Smith stands up and puts his hand on her shoulder looking down at her sympathetically. "I'm so sorry this is happening to you."

Clarke nods with her gaze on the floor. She looks up into his eyes.

"So how are we gonna catch him?"

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