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Clarke's POV

I groan rolling over, or at least try to. I'm being held down by mason's arms being around my waist. I look over at the clock on my night stand and see it's one in the afternoon. Wow I never sleep this late, at least it's a Saturday.

I need a shower before tonight so I guess I'll go ahead and do that. I try to slip out from Mason's grasp but his arms tighten around me while he grumbles in his sleep.

I sigh in frustration. I only have one thing left to try and that will definitely wake him up so I have to be quick. Unwrapping his arms from around me as fast as I can I manage to get out of bed and start sprinting towards the bathroom when I feel those all familiar arms pick me up and throw me back in bed.

Mason crawls over me holding my arms above my head with one hand. "Trying to get away from me?"

"I just need a sho-"

"So you were." Mason hovers above me, I'd expect a playful face to be above me but I'm surprised to find an intense one. He sighs lowering even closer to my face.

He just lays there in silence looking into my eyes, seeming to be in deep thought.

His lips part with an uneven breath as he lowers his face to my neck, fluttering his eyes closed. I expect him to burry his face into my neck like he usually does when I feel his soft lips.

I gasp silently.

He slowly but gently lays a kiss on my neck, lingering for a moment. He's never done this before.

He pulls away, hot puffs of air hitting my throat. Again he lowers his lips onto my neck but sucks a bit harder this time. My eyes close as my back arches. What is happening?

Mason continues kissing my neck when out of nowhere he sinks his teeth into my tender flesh.

I let out a noise somewhere between a whimper and a moan. Mason immediately stops, pulling his head up to meet my eyes.

Oh no. He was just being friendly and I reacted in the wrong way. Great.

Mason just holds eye contact with a blank expression on his heavenly face. Each second is longer than the last, stretching for an eternity.


Mason leans down in a rush and just when his lips are almost on mine there's a knock at my bedroom door. Mason jerks away from me while turning invisible and rolls off of me.

My mom peeks her head in before stepping all the way in. "Good morning sunshine!" She chirps. I just lay, still shocked and confused about what just happened.

"I'm s-sorry I slept this late, I didn't mean to."

Mother waves her hand dismissively in the air "Oh no, it's fine. It is a Saturday after all." Okay? This is the woman who used to be upset if I slept till nine. I guess Olivers changed her a lot.

She walks over to my window and pulls the curtains back, letting in unwanted sunlight. "Oliver and I were going to go get some lunch wanna come?"

"Are you guys gonna be out long or are you just having lunch?" I have to be home in time to get ready.

"No just lunch, why sweetie?" Mom tilts her head.

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