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                   Clarke's POV

I rub my eyes yawning as I walk into school. My books scatter across the floor when a jock runs into me. Of course he would just go on by. I know the only reason I didn't fall was because Mason helped steady me.

I bend down picking them up when a veiny hand starts helping me. I look up and am met with the green eyes of Mr. Smith. Dang why do I always have awkward encounters with him?

"He shouldn't have just walked off like that." He states while we stand up.

I look down embarrassed but then feel his fingers underneath my chin, slowly lifting it. "A pretty girl like you shouldn't hide her eyes." He gives a crooked smile and hands me my books.

"Well miss Clarke, I will see you later." He bows walking backwards with his hands behind his back.


I pay for my food and then look around the crowded room for an empty table. Spotting Dylan sitting by himself, picking at his food, I set my tray beside his causing him to look at me in shock, then his face turns happy. "Hey Clarke, how are you doing?" He takes a bite of his burrito.

"I'm okay how about yourself?"

"Tired, my brother kept me up last night because he wanted to talk about everything." He laughs. Huh, I didn't know he had a brother. "How old is your brother?" I take a bite of pizza.

Dylan shakes his head "he's four." Awe he must be adorable. "How many siblings do you have? I didn't even know you had a brother." I blush embarrassed.

"Oh no just the one." He chuckles "But I only need the one, he's a handful." I laugh at that. "I kinda wish I had a sibling.. a big brother or something." I nod my head in thought.

Dylan swallows his mouth full and wraps his arm around my shoulders giving me a friendly side hug. "I'll be your big brother. And Ill protect you from all those horny teenagers." He flexes his arm muscles in a joking manor causing me to giggle.

I look up and see Victor in the food line watching us with an angry look on his face. Dylan must have noticed my widened eyes when he looked as well. "Don't let it get to ya, he's more bark than bite. Never has liked me, he seems to like you though." He elbows my side.

"What? No we just had a project together once and I went to his house an-"

"No he likes you, every time he sees me when I'm with you he glares like I'm touching something that's his." Dylan rolls his eyes.

"Well I don't think he does." I say as Victor starts walking our way. He sits down right up against me and Dylan gives me the 'I told you so' look.

"So Clarke, would you like to come over today?" Victor asks ripping open a ketchup packet.
"I can't I'm going to be helping
mr. Smith grade papers." I look down. "Oh that's no problem, I have a couple things I have to do before I leave as well, I can just take you when you're done."

I guess I could, I don't want to seem mean or ungrateful. And Oliver did give me his number so I could call or text anytime I needed to. I could just tell him I'm going with Victor so he doesn't have to wait on me like the last few times.

"Yeah, sure."

Victor plasters a huge smile on his face and starts eating his hotdog. "Hey can I come too?" Dylan pipes up. Victor looks like he could explode from shock and anger.

I decide to say something before there's a fight in the school cafeteria. "Oh that'd be great! All three of us hanging out together." I try to say as enthusiastic as I can. But that still doesn't stop the look Victor is giving Dylan.

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