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                    Clarke's POV

I lay on my bedroom floor listening to the one and only Ed Sheeran. A smile crawls it's way into my face when I see lightning flash, followed by the low but powerful rumble of thunder. Rain was my favorite. I loved the way the sky darkened to a beautiful deep gray, the way the slow and gentle patter of rain would eventually increase until it was downright pouring. As if heaven itself was pouring every emotion, every ounce of goodness down to earth. I just really love rain.

I leisurely stand up and make my way to my window seat, opening my window increasing the volume of the current downpour. I sit down raising one foot up making my knee bend as my foot rests on the window seat while my other one hangs to the side, swaying back and forth.

I've noticed Mason is acting a little more quiet than usual and I'm not sure why, the last time he did this there was reason, we had an awkward encounter that morning that I'm still confused about. Maybe it's that 'problem' he told me about that night? I still wish he would have confided in me on that, but I can't force him. Even if I could I wouldn't. Him giving me that information freely would mean more than me squeezing it out of him.

I look over to the bed where Mason is sitting, elbows resting on his knees while his hands are clasped together. I reach my hand out silently asking him to come over to me. Mason's eyes rise to mine and he just stares for a moment. His eyes hold something I'm not used to seeing, dread?

He stands up slowly making his way towards my still form, maintaining eye contact. He sits down across from me taking a glance out the window, eyes dropping slightly. "Hey." I coo scooting closer, Mason looks at me in worry. "What's wrong?" I cup his cheek, sitting between his legs.

Mason's bottom lip trembles, he turns his head towards the window obviously trying to avoid eye contact. I gently grab his chin and turn his head making him face me but his eyes look downward. "Tell me what's wrong, please." I furrow my brows worried at what could be bothering this giant angel.

Mason's eyes slowly raise up to meet mine and I see the un shed tears that brim his eyes.

"R-remember when you were little a-and I had a meeting to go to, a-and your dad, he... hit you?" Mason manages to get out, saying the last part almost as if it hurt him physically. I tilt my head nodding. I grab his hand trying to comfort him and bring it into my lap, he grips my hand tight as if he's afraid I will disappear right in front of him.

"Well, they have those about every year, and there's one coming up." Mason finishes off with gilt written all over his face. I reach up to cup his face into my hand, worry now all over my face. "And why are you upset?"

Mason sniffles looking down, then back at me. "You will have to go almost a whole day without being guarded. Without being safe, without me."  A lonely tear cascades down his cheek to which I immediately wipe away with my thumb. I scoot even closer and crawl onto his lap. Mason's arms automatically wrap themselves around me, drawing me impossibly closer laying his head on my chest. I wrap my arms around his head, curling my fingers up into his hair.

"Mason, I will be fine. If they have them every year you've obviously had to do this quite a few times, how is this one any different?" I question trying to calm him down.

Mason shakes his head holding me even tighter against him "This time is different because it seems everyone is after you. You have a perverted step dad who lives in the same house as you who could try anything at anytime, you have horny teenage dirtbags after you and not to even mention that damn stalker!" I sigh knowing he's right.

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