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I run right into something hard and someone grabs my arms. I look up to see a big man looking down on me with hunger in his eyes.

"Hey babe."


I struggle in his grip trying to break free but he only tightens his hold. I lift my knee hitting him in his crowned jewels and run while he bends over groaning.

"Get her!" He yells. I push my legs as fast as they will go hoping to escape.

Of course this would happen when Mason is gone!

I run down a darker street hoping to lose them in the lack of light. I run until I can't anymore, hiding behind a tree, resting against it trying to calm my heavy breathing. I try to be quite and listen for footprints, I hear none. Yes I lost them!

I slowly peek around the tree and see no one, yay! I sigh and lean back against the bark of the tree closing my eyes when I suddenly feel a hand go over my mouth.

My eyes widen and I start screaming for help kicking around in his grip while he pulls me to his chest.

"Shhh it's alright sweetie, we're gonna take good care of you." He chuckles kissing the side of my neck with his slimy lips while inserting a needle into my arm. I cry out in pain.

A van pulls up beside us being driven by the guy I kicked. "Get her in." He demands gruffly. I start screeching and wiggling trying to get loose.

He starts dragging me to the van door, his friend getting out and opening he sliding door when headlights point in our direction. Both men freeze and watch as a car pulls behind their van, a man jumping out punching the guy who wasn't holding me.

I scream as my captor throws me in the side door of the van, sliding it shut before turning towards the man beating his friend to a pulp.

I try to open the door but I can feel the affects of whatever he shot into my system, making me too weak to even be able to open a door. I watch out the window as the mystery man takes down both men at once. I have no idea who this is but whoever it is, is a very strong, built man. I can't see his face but he wears a dark suit that's stretches across his broad shoulders. The way he moves seems so precise, so calculated, and extremely predatory.

Once both men are beaten, bloody and sure to not be able to even try to attempt anything, the mystery man stands over them breathing heavy, back hunched. He runs his bloody fingers through his hair and turns around. It's still too dark to see his face. My vision blurs and my head is floating in the clouds, I struggle to keep my eyes open.

My rescuer opens the door gently picking me up, almost as if I'm the most precious and fragile thing on the planet. Like if he made one wrong move I would break. He delicately cradles me to his chest.

"Oh my, are you alright?" He questions worry and desperation laced in his deep yet husky voice. All I can manage is a faint whimper, my eyes start to close as I notice his scent, it's very distinct, like the fresh smell of cedar.

"No no, my sweet, keep your eyes open. Keep those beautiful eyes open." He pleads holding me even closer to himself.

My eyes fully close and just like that I'm out like a light.

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