Chapter One

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Love is a familiar. Love is a Devil. 
There is no evil angel but Love. 
-Love's Labor's Lost

"I won't do anything without your permission, and all of those fuck-tards are too drunk and afraid of me to do anything if you refuse." I snap my head to Xavier, genuinely surprised. Not that I thought he'd try to take advantage of me, but I didn't think he'd be the type of guy to say something before even touching me -save for the helping hand up.

Just because of this I like him more.

"But I have to say, it doesn't seem unappealing at the time, of the things I could do to you right now, or fighting off idiots with a shaver."

And just because of this I hate him.

And just because of this my heart goes haywire, more then it ever has before.

"How are we going to do this?" I ask, surprising myself. "I think it would be too awkward, even for you Mr. Unaffected, to randomly start giving me hickies."

Despite my efforts to make him react like a normal person his lips only quirk up in respond, dark blue making me feel lost.

Something about him is off, different, from how other men have looked at me.

I have no clue what it is.

And then it clicks as he stares at me, just simply stares at my eyes.

He never looks away, or glances down, not even a peek. He acts as if I'm just a floating head, and it's more respect then I've been given in a while.

This, out of all the things that has happened tonight, makes me blush.

"Is that permission?" He asks, taking a step closer to me, a wolfish smile taking over his face.

"Well..." I swallow thickly "It wasn't a no."

Xavier smirks, taking another step towards me. "That's good enough for me. We kiss." He says, getting even closer.

"We kiss?" I echo.

"It's easy. Here," His fingers latch onto my waist, but he still doesn't look down. "I can show you."

Curiosity is flooding me almost as much as desire, but I've always been a questions first action later type of person.

"You're not looking at me," I observe. His lips twitch up this, a painfully attractive smirk splayed on his lips. "Why not?"

"Why? Feeling insecure?" He breaths, the air hot against my face as he purposely leans down.

"No, not at all. I could care less about it. I'm used to people looking, and not looking but never like you. Why don't you look?" I ask, my hands pushing lightly on his chest.

"Well," Xavier chuckles -moving his thumb agonizingly slow over my stomach. "I didn't take you as the type of person who enjoyed being looked at."

I shrug, the action sending my chest bumping into his bare one.

"Sometimes." I say.

"I've observed something too, you never look either." At this a small smirk makes it on my face.

"You didn't seem like the kind of person who enjoys the simple stare, it's not as charming as people think."

He tsks lightly at me. "It's like we're best friends already. I have a proposition for you." I raise a eyebrow, signalling him to continue. He steps away, his hands moving to his sides. I find myself instantly missing his warmth.

Because he's always so warm and I'm always cold.

"You look at me," I gulp. "And I look at you."

Seems harmless enough, though I should have known- -at this forethought my inner voice laughs in a cruel way- -that making a deal with the devil is not a good thing despite any good results.

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