Holiday Special Chapter

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You know, it's never wise to tempt the devil
-Kristen Callihan

Sleeping peacefully has always been hard for me, some people take medicine others resign themselves to the fact they're a insomniac and let it happen, others fight it and sit in bed for hours on end. For me, I have Xavier.

He sleeps, constantly. Every night if we're not already doing something he passes out before midnight and takes forever to wake up in the morning, though some days he'll stay up to around 2 in the morning just to talk for me which is adorable -but his biting and complaining in the morning isn't.

Especially now with baby Alexander, Xavier wants to sleep whenever he can.

This morning we were both sleeping quite peacefully, having fallen asleep after drinking just enough to get tipsy and kicking the night off with good sex, the key words being 'we were'. 

But then my best friends and her not so angelic husband barged in with the crazy one screaming about the fact that it's Christmas Eve and how we had to play White Elephant.

Being in his overprotective-just-woke-up mode Xavier crushed me under him and the growl he gave off was so loud it shook the bed under us. That silenced Jessie for a good ten seconds, but then she threw my husband's discarded shirt at me and told me to put it on -which made him realize I'm completely naked and kicked them out of our room.

Since the twins and baby Celeste are staying with Aunt Faye and Uncle JJ I know that at least Calum will take care of Xander if he starts crying before we get out of our room.

Despite me protesting that they're gone, and I would have to take it off again just to actually get dressed the stupid Devil still slipped his shirt over my head and dressed me like a toddler because he 'wasn't going to take any chances at them seeing what's his.' 

Such a caveman, I swear.

But now we got a little cave baby, because my stupid Wolf boy's instincts were right.

"Xavier?" I call out, wanting to know where his pajama shirt is. He didn't wear it last night for obvious reasons and it will smell just like him, so I want it.

"Yeah?" His deep voice echos slightly and it's then I hear the shower going.

Walking into our bathroom, I'm glad it's conjoined to our room it makes things so much easier, I'm met with a cold atmosphere. "Ew Zay why do you always take cold showers?" I ask, shivering slightly. "This is like the time you made a snow devil with shorts on."

My husband groans, sticking his head out of the door to frown at me. "Don't call it that. I even gave it wings."

"You're the devil, a fallen angel, hence wings. You're stupider than you look if you didn't make that connection." Shutting the door, I start to brush my hair -there's no way with my curly ass hair that I'm getting in the shower without it brushes knowing how it will turn out anyway. "You better turn that water warm by the time I get in there."

He grunts in reply, but by the time I'm done brushing steam is already brushing the ceiling.

I step into the shower, squealing as the water hits me but giggle as I see the Devil's exasperated look. "Is it too hot or something?" He goes to reach pass me but I swat at his arm before wrapping it around myself making him growl and instantly take to holding my waist.

Though I worked hard for it, the baby fat seemed to melt off me while it stayed on Jesse for a while, I'm proud of myself. Xander was healthy, coming out at 6 pounds 3 ounces and 21 inches long. He was one of the healthiest babies in the hospital, the nurse had said. He was able to leave after only a day of observation, but because it was so hard on my 'tiny' body the doctors kept me for three days. My husband, of course, refused to go home.

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