Chapter Two

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She could be heaven or hell,
She could be an Angel,
Or sleep with the Devil,
A strong mans dream or a weak mans nightmare,
And often does the world happen upon weak men.
-Reggie Nulan

Jessamine scowls at me as we enter photography on Friday.

She's not as mad that she had to pick me up, but rather where she had to pick me up from and the way I was when I got there along with the fact I won't stop trying to stretch out her green flannel.

I'm still wearing loose jeans but with this flannel I almost appear normal.

My curves are barely hidden at all.

"Can I please go get my sweatshirt? It's in my locker if I could just-"

"No!" Jessie says, shooting me a look as she sits beside Calum.

He's talking to his best friend just like I am, and both pairs ignore one another.

Not that I think me and Xavier will be doing much talking after all.

"Why not?" I huff, motioning down me. "This is gross. I'll blind people. Blind them Jessie, do you want me to be that kind of asshole that just goes around blinding people with ugliness? Pupils will be scorched with hellfire, and I bet that's mildly uncomfortable at best. Don't you care about all those newly blind people?"

"You're driveling. Emma seriously?"

For how I keep going she might as well not have spoken at all.

"It's more painful then it looks to face plant into a brick surface, I should know. It's even worse to trip down stairs or fall in mud. However entertaining a group of people blinding by my fugliness running into a wall, bouncing back, falling, getting up only to do it all over again would be...well it could all be avoided by a simple sweater, really." I finish, biting my lip as I see the deadly look on her face.

"Emmeline if you say one more word about you being ugly, or blinding people with your body I swear to God I will stab you in the jugular with this pencil." Jessie says, showing me a extremely sharp pencil.

As if offered candy my face lights up. "Is that a promise because if it is I might have to take you up Ow!" I yelp as she slams the pencil into my arm and it clatters to the floor. Hissing in pain I take a step back, leaning against the wall.

Thankfully both our tables are in the back.

My hand comes away wet with blood.

Jessamine panics, her eyes widening completely. "What -I didn't mean to actually stab you! I swore I was aiming with the erasure."

Chuckling I way her off, a small smirk on my face as I cup the wound. "It's chill. This gives me the perfect excuse to grab my sweatshirt while I pretend to go to the nurse. I'll just skip the rest of this hour and read."

She groans out loud, tears coming quick to her eyes as she buries her hand.

I scoff lightly.

"Why are you the one crying? You stabbed me!" She raises her head and glares lightly at me. "You're much less intimidating when there's tears on your face."

It's almost without thinking that she reaches up and slaps my arm into the exact spot she stabbed me. My eyes widen and I curse under my breath, now in real pain I glare at her. "Abuse isn't mandatory, I'll stay your best friend without Stockholm syndrome."

"This isn't funny Emma! I stabbed you." Jessie says, giving me a pointed look.

I peel my hand away, noticing how it's not fully covered in red yet. "Yeah I'm aware but you have to admit, it's kind of funny." She glares more, but more tears stream down her face as she silently sobs. "Not that, um not that this is that bad either. I was a bigger mess this morning, and that's when I didn't have hole in my-"

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