Chapter Twenty-Six

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She was the type of the woman who loved the Devil's smile and feared the Angel's smirk."
-Hunter Forlan 

I stand at the base of Xavier's secret Heaven, Cal having dropped me off since I didn't know my way here.

To say he was surprised I knew about this place was an understatement. 

None the less I'm here, and trying to psych myself into climbing up the cliff where I know Xavier will be. 

My hands are shaking as I start up the small trail, my mind telling me unnecessary dangers and risks of doing this but my heart doesn't seem to care.

When I finally get to the top my breath is coming in short gasp, my shaking knees give out and I collapse onto my hip with my trembling palms pressed into the cool ground. My head is pounding, the lasting fear making my head hurts as too much adrenaline and panic shoots through my system.

"That looks like it hurt." A deep voice quips, I slowly drag my blurry gaze up to meet a unsympathetic blue one as the Devil comes to crouch next to me.

"I get t-that your natural response to hurt, or confusion, or being vaguely upset in g-general is to be a raging a-asshole but while I'm trying not to p-pass out can you please not." I manage to stutter out.

Surprisingly my Wolf boy winces and looks away first.

He never looks away first.

Somethings definitely wrong.

We stay like this for a while, I think it's roughly ten minutes even if it feels like an hour, until my breath evens out and the shaking of my body halts to a minimum. 

Looking up to Xavier I blow out a relieved breath, noticing how he's at least physically okay.

Yesterday, after I started to see red, I can't remember what I did. 

I mean I know what I did, because of the injury report, but when I get like that I don't physically remember doing it. It's like a demon possessed me and decided to beat Mike up.

And it was a really angry demon.

But I don't know why he got so upset, other than his dad showing up again and getting his ass beat nothing really happened.

"Why so relieved Princess?" Xavier asks gently, and I'm startled at his gentle side taking the front right now.

That's not his knee jerk reaction.

I realize that he's trying, for me, he's trying to calm himself down.

But from what?

"You're n-not hurt." I explain, trying to search his face for the answers. "I didn't know you weren't hurt."

His eyebrows raise in confusion as he shifts to sit next to me.

"You were there, for all off it..." Xavier finally says hesitantly, as if it's dangerous to say that out loud. "How could you not know that? It's not like Cal can tackle someone like me hard."

"He tackled you?" My head snaps up to him, a large frown gracing my features. 

"Tried to." He smirks, but I can see the pain under it. "Why don't you know that?"

"When Mike showed up I was scared at first...because I knew what he's done to people like me in the past. What's he's done to you. But more than anything I knew that I couldn't let anything happen to me, because of you. He had me against the wall but I broke his nose, so he fell back. You were frozen Xavier, you looked broken and scared and I didn't know what to do other than to protect you."

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