Chapter Five

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The Devil pulls the strings which make us dance;
We find delight in the most loathsome things;
Some furtherance of Hell each new day brings,
And yet we feel no horror in that rank advance.

-Charles Baudelaire

I glare at Jessamine when she drags me back into the room.

Despite the bipolar weather break, now it being sunny and the snow all melted we're staying the night anyway. None of our parents expect us home, it's officially the weekend and we got the best news: Along with the good weather the carnival is in town. 

If the weather doesn't turn to shit again we're going tomorrow.

We all agreed to play Epic Would You Rather, where you have to do the thing you would rather do. 

Jessamine asked me, "Would you rather let me or Julian dress you." 

Obviously I picked my best friend, thinking she would go easy on me.

I was wrong.

Little shit made me wear a pair of her lace panties and bra, both of which are too small on me. They're more like thongs at this point and the bra shows everything, which Jessie instantly approved of.

When I threatened to titty punch her she let me put on a tank top and booty shorts, but I know with the people I'm playing with they won't stay on very long. 


Horny teenagers.


"I hate you." I spit, digging my heels in as the darkness that the living room is consumed by pops into sight. To add a little something we're playing with the lights off, to add a creep factor. "Like seriously hate you. What about all those blind people huh? You're lucky it's dark in there. Everyone's pupils would literally catch -Fuck!" I yell out when she forces me to fall straight into the center of the living room.

I'm surprised when I stumble and land on another body, instantly I groan and try to move off them only for them to push me first.

"Ew, I touched it." Julian complains, I stand straight and tense.

I hate the dark.

"That's my line." I reply, earning myself a sharp slap to my hip. I try to step away from him only to step into a cold chest, hands grab my waist and I hear someone inhale sharply. 

"Unless your waist suddenly got much smaller or you're not Jess." Calum says, I move back and I'm sure he winces. "That's a no."

"Thanks for letting go." I say, wanting nothing more than to run away.

"Of course." Cal, the Angel, replies. "Anything else would have been wrong."

I smile at this. "I'm glad someone sees it that way."

Hot hands grab me, trailing under my tank top to hold my ribs. One of Xavier's thumbs move over my belly piercing. "I didn't know you had a piercing there until you woke me up with it." He whispers, warm air hitting my ear.

He's so tall, I know he's hunching over just to hold me as I feel his bent knees against the backs of my thighs. 

I shiver, his body the only thing holding me up over my weak knees. 

"It's your turn Emma." Jessamine reminds me, snapping me out of it at the same time.

"Right, right." I repeat myself, now flustered. "Calum would you rather ask Xavier out and get punched while I record it or ask Jessie out and have that over with?"

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