Chapter Twenty-Two

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In my mind, a man is nothing without a spice of the devil in him. 
-Charlotte Brontë

"I want your version of how you guys met." Macy says, her eyes trained on me. Jack is talking quietly to Jessamine and Cal, obviously put on the task of interrogating me.

"My version?" I quickly putting the pieces together.

Shooting Xavier a look- -which he ignores because he's still mad and unable to bite me like he normally does with his mother two feet across from us- -does nothing. His hand, however, rests dangerously on my inner thigh and made me gulp when he first did it.

"He talks about me?" I ask, scrunching my face up. 

His mom had mentioned it before, but I didn't really take it to heart.

Macy, however, lights up at my question while my Wolf boy just growls softly and drops his head to bury it in my hair. 

The Devil is embarrassed and she hasn't even started talking yet. Soon, however, the mother is gushing about it and I understand why.

"All the time! For five months now! Emma this, Emma that. You won't believe how cute Emma is, she did a thing today. Emma does this." My cheeks burn at her words but then the click into place.

Five months?

We played Spinning Murder at that party three and a half months ago. 

We got together nearly a month ago.

He's been speaking about me for five months, like that.

Xavier groans softly as this information is revealed, his hold on my thigh tightens as the Devil presses his lips against my temple. "I hate this woman."

I giggle at his words, motioning for Macy to continue despite how much my boyfriend is dying beside me.

Totally worth it.

"Did you know when the first time I asked about his photography class, it being first hour of your day in what he says is hell." Fitting for the Devil, I think. "He instantly started ranting about a tiny beautiful brunette with a cute giggle."

I freeze at her words, my mind raging to piece together this.

He's...he's liked me for five months?

Holy fuck.

Nope -still not strong enough.

He always thought I was beautiful, even with how I used to look.

Even though all that's different is clothes now, I feel like a new person too.

But he's always liked me.

What? Why? 


"And then he threatened his own brother to switch seats with him, but that wasn't very hard considering..." Macy's eyes drift to the happy Angel/Crazy couple. Crazy definitely suits her. "I couldn't believe how much that boy speaks about you, barely repeating himself. It's like you're his favorite thing to watch. And I could tell when you had a bad day, and I'm sorry you had so many, because then he'd be in a bad mood." 

Me being upset put the Devil in a bad mood?

How long has he cared?

And why was he suck a dick to me at the start.

"This boy could talk for hours about you if we let him, which I bet you he-"

"Mom." Xavier cuts her off, his voice half groan half growl. "Stop."

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