Chapter Twenty-Five

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The devil doesn't always laugh. 
Sometimes, he weeps with you.
-Ellie Fox

My hands struggle to keep it close, I hear the shower turn off just as Mike shoves his way through.

His shoulder barges into me as the door bangs against the wall, sending me sprawled onto the ground. My hip connects painfully to the ground but I quickly scramble to my feet -backing away as fast I can only to have Mike keep taking steps forward with a terrible smile on his ugly face.

I'm shaking as he traps me against the wall, hands on either side of my shoulders while his eyes scan me.

"Well," His voice is gravely, not the strong velvet of his son's. "I see why he chose you. Small, weak, but fuckable."

"He didn't choose me for my body, asshole!" I shout at him, connecting my knee to his crotch in a split second.

He's not used to the women he has around him hitting back.

But shit, if I'm not going to fight this man I might as well go just off a bridge too.

Mike groans, slouching into me.

I take the opportunity to grab a fistful of his straggly blond hair and slam his nose into my knee. A sharp crack rings through the air and is amplified by my door slamming open.

I drop my hold on Mike, dunking under his arm only gets me a foot away before his hand tangles into my hair and yanks me back.

"You bitch," He snarls, face close to mine as he drags me into the air. "You broke my nose."

"Fuck you, douche." I spit back, literally, and the loogie lands on his right eye. "Bulls eye."

Thank you Papa Lee, for teaching me how to spit.

I can tell he's a person who's used to talk, and people letting him talk, and then violence because as I slam my elbow back into his throat and kick off the ground when he drops me, connecting my foot into his already broken nose, he wasn't prepared for it at all.

The roughly 6'4 frame that his son did get collapses back into the ground but I fell back from the impact to.

I am only 5'2 after all.

Pitiful short people.


He sits up, I notice Xavier's frozen frame in the door way.

The look he has on his face- -I'll never forget it- -is of fear.

I didn't think anything made the Devil afraid, not like this.

He's terrified.

His hands are shaking.

And his blue eyes shine in tears.

The man that abused him, his mother, threatened his baby sister, got his one loving parent killed, hurt his family, is standing in front of him.

He's frozen, he can't handle it. So I'll handle it for him.

I'm knocked back into reality by the sound of Mike's pocket knife being flicked out.

It's then Cal runs into the room, stopping dead in his tracks as he sees the standing man with a weapon, me three feet away from Mike, and Xavier dead to the world.

"It's wonder boy," Mike quips. "Lovely."

Calum suddenly looks deadly, his eyes glaring daggers into Mike and his face set in stone.

His usual bright green orbs turn dark.

It reminds me that angels can fall.

And now I'm afraid as he takes a step forward, only to be stopped as Mike covers the distance between us and points the knife at my throat.

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