Chapter Seven

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"When you're in hell, only a devil can point the way out." 

-Joe Abercrombie

"I can hear her." I mumble, cursing under my breath. "Let me open the door." I say, stepping forward to grab the handle only to have Xavier's hand to stop me. 

"Does it matter who opens the door?" He asks, sounding cold.

I gulp, looking away from him as I nod. "Okay, Jessie and Jules off the porch. You're going in my room window with Cal. Take the boxes with you, I'll let you into my room once I get there." 

The Devil raises a eyebrow at me. I shrug, "You wouldn't have left if I begged you. Just step back." 

They do what I say, even Xavier stands to the side as I shoulder the door open and throw it into the wall, instinctively dunking as a bottle flies over head. It shatters against the door frame. Taking a deep breath I look back to find Xavier quickly filling the space behind me, scaring my mom as she shrieks. 

"Bitch who is this?" She yells, storming over to us -but because of Xavier's glare she doesn't get withing hitting distance. 

"Calm down," I roll my eyes, used to the behavior. "He's not important, ignore him." At this, Xavier smirks, clearly thinking otherwise. "We're going to my room."

"You whore!" She screams, stomping her foot childishly. "Why can't you do anything around here, you're just as useless as your death father. Do me a favor and kill yourself too, then leave him to clean up the mess."

"Yes mother, whatever you say mother." I say monotonously, obviously making fun of her title. 

"Is that sarcasm?" She asks, glaring heavily at me. 

My lips quirk up before I can stop my smirk, quickly becoming impassive again as her deadly brown eyes narrow at me. "No." I hold my hands up, sarcasm lacing my tone once again. "I would never use sarcasm on you...mother." 

At this Xavier gauffles, quickly bending down to bury his face into my hair to conceal his wide half smirk half smile. 

"To your room." She hisses, grabbing another beer bottle off the counter. A little fear fills me as I realize it's empty, and her holding it is a threat. "Now."

With a head nod I grab Xavier's hand, keeping him on my left side when I pass Mom on my right. 

He squeezes my waist with his other hand, instantly I can tell how angry he is as we walk up the five steps it takes to get to the raised section of the house.

Then second my room door closes I am pinned to the wall beside it, Xavier holding my arms over my head with one hand as his massive palm presses into my stomach. I gasp as his knee parts my legs and his lips crash onto mine. 

I instantly kiss him back, he holds my body down as it tries to arch into him. His teeth pull on my lip, all his frustration coming out as he barely breathes before kissing me again. 

A knock on the window breaks me out of it. "Xavier," I mumble against his lips. "Stop." 

Instantly he does, resting his forehead against mines as he breaths heavily. Dropping his hold on my wrists I wrap my hands around his cheeks -rubbing my fingers over his tense jaw. "I hated that. If your mom was a dude I would have punched him the second you opened that door. She can't treat you like that." 

"She can, but I'm leaving. That's why we're here." I tell him, lifting his head so he'd look up. "I'm fine, I promise."

Another loud knock makes me wince, realizing I ignored the first one I send Xavier one last glance before I dunk under his tense arms and make my way over to the window. Jessamine sits on Calum's shoulders with a sly smirk that is opposite her boyfriends goofy smile. I quickly open the wide window, helping her in. 

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