Bonus Exclusive Chapter

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Bonus being the odd little snippets I've made for this book but was never able to fit in a scene anywhere. And bonus scenes that haven't been cannon and cute scenes. The Exclusive part is a sneak peek at The Wolf's plot, involving Eliza (who's POV it's in) and her past.

Hope you all enjoy this random mess of words!

Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.
-Holly Black

“Emma?” Uncle JJ opens my door, sounding strong but hesitant. My head snaps over to him, worried. 

Did I do something wrong?

I hum in reply, my uncle sighs, his hand pinching is brow. “The police are here to ask you some questions...questions about your mother.”

Having been sleeping on his stomach, arms wrapped around my pillow as I rested against his back Xavier growls under his breath, subconsciously knowing something’s wrong as I tense. A massive arm swings out and latches around my waist, keeping me in place against him.

“They want to see you, now.” Uncle JJ barely bats an eye at this movement, more than used to my boyfriend’s behavior at this point. “Better get moving. I don’t want them in this house, I’m a lawyer because I don’t like cops not because I wanted to be one.” He leaves without me responding.

“Good to know.” I mutter, turning to my Wolf boy and run a hand over his black hair -stirring him slightly, enough so his eyes begin to flutter open. “You should wake up Xavier, I need you.”

“Why? Ready for round four Princess?” The Devil asks smugly, a small smirk taking over his tired face before he yawns. A blush overtakes my face, nearly making me shove him off the bed to wipe the look off his stupid sexy face.

“Not unless you want to share between a few cops.” I say, instantly getting his attention like I wanted to-though he is thoroughly alarmed.

My boyfriend sits up, his arm flex against me. “Not in hell.” Xavier snarls. “Why are the police here?”

“Because of my mom, that’s all I know.” I shrug, frowning. “I want you with me, if you’re not too tired.”

“Don’t worry about me. Let’s go see those fucking lumps of stupid.”

Getting up with minimal stretching but lots of growls and grunts, Xavier and me walk to the door -him shirtless, shoeless, sockless and me in his shirt, shorts and his socks. They’re fuzzy, since it’s the middle of winter, but the clearly made heel part is in the middle of my calf.


Tall people.

This is what I get for dating a 6’5 guy, which is just poor planning for a 5’2 girl.

“Are you-” An officer looking down at a paper begins to ask me before I can open my mouth, before the door is closed behind me. “-Emmeline Rose Carter?”

“Who’s asking?” Xavier butts in, large frame standing between me and the police.

The other officer, as there’s only two, scoffs. “The police department, Devil. We’re not here on any bad terms, and of course, you’d know what bad terms are.”

I flinch at this, but Xavier doesn’t bat a blue eye. His look becomes feral, just as feral as it had been when he pinned Aspin to the wall at the fair. “What is this about, you government mutts?”

Brave words coming from a Wolf himself.

“Her mother filed a missing person’s report. Said that someone,” If all of them weren’t looking at my Wolf boy then they are now. “Tricked her into leaving. That the Thatchs took her in to get her inheritance, because her best friend told them about it. She was very emotional.”

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