Chapter Eleven

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Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.
-Jack Heath

I'm not thankful it's Wednesday at when I slam my bag onto the table with force. 

Jessie- -who deals with my anger over life every lunch hour- -doesn't flinch whereas her boyfriend jumps in his seat and sends me a questioning glance. 

"My gym teacher is such a asshole!" I say. "He kept making me and my partner chase after the lost balls and put everything away just because Carter," This is my partner, simply because of the common name. "Is dating his daughter. I'm constantly late to my fourth hour because of this shit! Carter has drawing with me and even after explaining it to my teacher she still freaked out. Now we have to do a realistic sketch of each other. She kicked us to the hall, old hag."

Jessamine nods, knowing by now she doesn't have to respond to my rant just let me know she actual heard me. "What have people been saying about your new clothing choice?" 

I frown, glancing down to my outfit. 

For school I kept it down to fitted jeans a loose shirt.

"A lot of them were surprised I owned pants that were in my size. And I swear they don't know what a t-shirt is." I huff.

"You're with that Carter guy for two straight hours, you're gym partners and now he has to draw you." Calum says, raising a eyebrow. "Has he said or done anything?" 

I make a face at this, imaging Carter's soft hazel green eyes a sweet smile twist into the feature Aspen had. I can't even picture it. 

"He's not like that. For one he has a long term girlfriend and he doesn't pay attention to clothing." I shrug. "He only noticed when he didn't have to draw my baggy ass sweatpants."

My best friend laughs, looking pleased. "I'm so glad you're you."

I grin at Jessie, sending a wink her way. "Me too."

"Where's your food?" Cal, always the Angel, asks in mock concern. 

With a sheepish smile I quickly make my way to the cafeteria lines, sitting back down a few minutes later I notice the new extension to the table -the Devil. 

"Miss me much Devil?" I ask Xavier, noticing his eyes glued onto me.

"Hell yes -no pun intended." He says, biting his lip flirtatiously. 

Flashing his sharp teeth at me when I sit down, only to have him grab the edge of my chair and pull it straight into the side of his -making my fall into his side. "There you are."

I blink at him before offering a small grin. "And there you are."

Jessamine interrupts us before we can continue. "Does Carter even draw good? Do you look like a potato in his sketch?"

"Yeah he's a good artist, but I look like a potato anyway." Xavier laughs while Jessie throws a tater tot at me -glaring as I catch it in my mouth and smirk at her. "What?" I ask. "It was funny."

"No it wasn't." She says. "Can I see the drawings?"

"Sure, but I have to warn you he's probably better than I am. He's actually really good, it would suck to have a drawing buddy who wasn't good at drawing." I agree, boasting his skills at the same time. 

Xavier snorts slightly, shaking his head. "Doubt that."

"Same," Jessie says. 

"Give me a second." I say, standing. "I'll get him." 

Every day he puts them away after lunch and I get them before class, he's in our lunch so finding him won't be a issue. It's a good system. 

Scanning the room I find his familiar flop of blond hair. 

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