Chapter Twenty

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The stars were moving in his bloodstream as he fell from heaven. When he loved, it was a heat and a desperation that he carried like a sword. And when he was angered molten lava came up and he would melt you. When he was sad he electrified the air. For you, the Devil was a your fire, your water and gold. You have learned to breathe for the Devil girl, now is not the time to hold your breath.
-Brenna Yovanoff

Macy was ecstatic about helping Olivia into her giant blue box, and even happier about the bright pink sparkly bow she got to wrap around it that was sure to burn her son's eyes out.

Around her neck is my real present to Xavier, a wolf paw print necklace that has diamonds the exact color of his eyes as claws and the words 'You're worth it.' and my signature etched into it. 

I sit in his room, completely exhausted.

Because Liv won't be able to stay up for much longer, so when she wants to go to bed she'll ask to see Xavier's room first and then go to bed after he sees me.

I can hear every word the Devil says downstairs, and his voice is the only thing that stops me from freaking out completely.

Only Macy is in on this plan, but I'm sure Cal can guess what is in the giant blue and pink box.

"What the f- Ow! Mom." Xavier whines, Macy probably hit him for cussing.

"There are children present." She scolds.

"No there's not." He protests, and I'm guessing she realizes her mistake and just lets him think he's right.

"Well," Mr. Hilton- -who I've been to told to call Jack- -says. "Open it."

"Why is it pink?" The Devil asks, sounding disgusted. "That's a horrible color. And that glitter is going to be everywhere for weeks. Why did you let Cal do the decorations, you know he's obsessed with that color."

Cal, somewhere directly below me, makes a offended noise. "I am not!"

"Just open it!" An exasperated Macy shouts -aware the small child in the large box is running out of air .

For his nineteenth birthday he just wanted close friends and family. 

I was suppose to be down there. 

"Damn," He says, muttering something under his breath as I hear skin again skin once again as Macy smacks her son for cursing. "I'm opening it, I'm opening it."

Always so stubborn.

Hearing him grumble and complain the entire time it takes him to rip away the 4 rolls of wrapping paper I used to wrap it in is enough to make me giggle, then silence myself because if I can hear them they can hear me.

And my Wolf boy has great hearing.

I hear the ribbon fall away and hold my breath.

"Holy fuck!" His deep voice yells. I hear Xavier's body thumb back on the floor and a grunt -the noise I'm guessing he made when his little sister jumped on him. "Ollie, you're here. What the did you get here?"

The smaller Wolf sibling giggles, and I can only imagine how happy he looks. I'm sure this time his dimples will show.

I love his dimples.

"Congrats!" The Hiltons' yell in sync. Jessie is down there, but she's as confused as Xavier is. "You officially have guardianship and have adopted Olivia." Macy adds on. "She's under your care, we set up her room. Her school paperwork is in. You got what you always wanted Zay." 

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