Chapter Ten

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The Devil teaches women what they are – or they would teach it to the Devil if he did not know.
-Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly

"I can't believe you named it Demon." Xavier says.

"Ah, so that's what's bothering you." I grin at him. "It's a cute wolf. Just like you. Devil, Demon. Close enough. I see the resemblance." 

"I am not cute." He growls, much to his namesake, now offended by my words.

"Sure you aren't." I giggle into my Blue Moon ice cream, Xavier raises a eyebrow at me from behind his plain- -and boring- -vanilla waffle cone.  "Last time we did something with ice cream," I elbow Jules. "Remember." He frowns before chuckling slightly, cheeks tinting pink.

"What happened?" Jessamine asks, her brown eyes glancing between us. "Is this when you and Nolan..." She trails off.

I give her a incredulous look. "You'll have to go into more detail if you want a answer. I've done a lot of shit with Nolan."

"At the beach." She specifies.

Instantly I'm giggling, nodding at her. "Yeah, that was fun."

Julian snorts, being the one that goes on adventures me and Nolan, and sends me a glare. "That wasn't fun."

I wiggle my eyebrows, remembering how the guy was flirting with him and I got to watch how uncomfortable the not so obviously straight Julian was. "Was for me."

His glare becomes twice as deadly. "You're not the one who got punched by a life guard because he thought he caught me flirting with his boyfriend. That came onto me!" His voice cracks.

"That's because I'm smarter than to flirt with gay people. Also, I know how to avoid punches." I snicker. "And Nol is smart enough to know when to run."

"I'm smart enough!" Julian snaps.

"I'm sure you are honey," I nod sympathetically as I pat his head. "I'm sure you are."

"Nice joke," Xavier snaps back, grabbing my hips and pulling me out of the way of Julian's swinging hand and straight onto his lap. "Who's Nolan?"

I grin at this. "He's awesome, only here during summer and some odd weekends bit it's enough." I pause, realizing how tense he grew under me. "He's a super gay, goofy guy I love to hang out with and we always get into trouble together. He's a Thatch, their cousin." I motion to my best friends.

"Oh." Xavier mumbles.

I snicker lightly, turning my face towards his. "Jealous Wolf?"

With a smirk and a his sharp teeth exposed he glances down at my chest in a completely observational way. "Read your own damn shirt Carter. I'm not jealous, that's wanting something  that is someone else's. As far as I'm concerned I'm territorial. You said it yourself when that guy stopped you at the food court, you belong to the Devil." He leans over me. "So you're mine."

Leaning back he grins at me smugly, continuing to eat his ice cream. Well...lick it. I have to look away due to the flickering sight of his tongue.

Realizing I'm still sitting on his lap without complaint, my legs over his thighs with his arms around me and hand loosely clamped onto the outside of my hips while I hold my ice cream -Jessamine is currently gawking at Demon with him in her lap.

"Am I light?" I ask, clearly surprising him with the question.

I have been on him for a while and he's always picking me up- -along with everyone else- -and moving me around.

And never have I cared about my weight, as long as I was healthy and could lift things I needed too and didn't feel uncontrollably bloated I was okay.

I've always been skinny.

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