Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Why would I crawl out of hell when the Devil is such a heavenly lover? He bites my neck and suddenly I find myself not caring about the fire around us.
-Jessica Katoff

"I want to do a thing." Xavier says, moving from my side to where he was doing sit ups so he can be propped up over me like he's doing a push up.

The only reason he's letting me watch him work out was because he's still angry and apparently me, exercise and fighting people are his release. I suggested sparring with him, because that's something I can actually do, but he looked more murderous than usual at the thought.

Note to self, the Devil does not like fighting me when he's actually mad. He doesn't like fighting me at all.

Which sucks because we got our new schedule for this semester which means me, him and Carter have gym together.

Something Xavier was not happy about, simply because I refused to stop being Carter's gym partner -if I was my boyfriends then I'd get distracted and probably end up making out in the locker rooms every class.

With Carter I can be as competitive as I want, which I can't be with Xavier.

But it also is slightly annoying because this time we're doing combat and Carter doesn't know how to pull his punches to be effective but not damaging. More times than one when we did it with a sub he sent me sprawling a good few feet away.

This unit is going to hurt.

"Which is?" I giggle, biting my lip -too distracted to realize that distracts my Wolf boy too until he gives out a small indignant growl.

"If I'm working out, and letting you watch me," He gives me a stern look -having said before when I asked that it's weird to have someone stare at you like a creep while trying to stay fit. I definitely didn't mind, seeing as I'm the creep, but he did. "Then I get a reward."

"What's in it for me?" I ask, stopping myself from giggling again.

"Hmm, this." Xavier answers, bending into a actual push up and kissing my lips in the process. I actually giggle this time, pressing my hands into my stomach so I don't reach up and run my hands over my boyfriends very shirtless self. "Must you giggle?"

"Sorry." I say, managing to keep a straight face a second before I giggle again.

"Princess, seriously." My Wolf boy growls. "Stop giggling."

Knowing that wouldn't stop me he leans down, quickly covering my lips with his own before pulling away. I pout at the loss of contact, but then he bends back down and gives me another one.

"How many of these are you gonna do?" I ask, eyes solely focused on his chest. "Because I could get used to this."

"My girlfriends a creep," Xavier mumbles to himself before smirking down at me. "Hey Creepo, done staring?"

"Nope," I say, popping the 'p'. "It's part of my job as resident creep."

"You're so weird." He scrunches his nose, but leans down to kiss me none the less. "Still hot though."

"Careful Wolf, or I might think you just want me for my looks." I say, my eyes narrowing in warning as his smirk deepens and eyes glisten mischievously.

In this position I can feel his hell fire seep into me like a warm bath.

"Now Carter, don't get any ideas when I tell you this but..." He leans down to be able to speak against my lips. "You're beauty definitely helps."

"Not so bad looking yourself." I say, wrapping my arms around his neck so I can bury my hands in his classical black hair. He pulls away, bringing my bottom lip with him.

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