Chapter Twenty-Three

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She doesn't trust easily, but when she does it's always with the devil himself.
-Melody Lee

"I'm in my bed, you're in your bed." Xavier says over the phone, it's around midnight and neither of us can sleep. "One of us is in the wrong place."

"What do you want me to do about that? I'm comfortable." I giggle lightly, turning on my side so I can look out my window. 

The Devil scoffs. 

"I don't care." He grumpily replies. "Get that cute ass of yours up and come give me a fucking hug."

Despite wanting to stay in bed I sit up, knowing I'm not that tired and Xavier's exhausted because of parent day at Olivia's school.

People ask so many questions, and I couldn't come, Jessamine's birthday is this week and I went shopping with Cal -much to my boyfriend's displeasure. 

"What if me and my cute ass just stay here?" I ask, teasing him as I silently slip my shoes on.

Thankfully this is one of the night's I'm wearing pajama shorts and one of Xavier's shirt, so the sound of me putting on pants won't let him know I'm minutes away from leaving.

"I'd be devastated because my girl would be a horrible person." He grunts, and I can imagine him turning over. 

I roll my eyes, "Dramatic much."

"I'm tired." My Wolf boy growls, sounding like it. "Just come, please." 

"Calm your man tits." I say with another giggle I grab my school bag, opening a draw string to stick my clothes in for tomorrow. "I'm coming. Is the door unlocked?" 

"Yeah, but lock up after." Xavier yawns. "Is your Aunt okay with this?"

"She's okay with anything as long as I'm being safe about it, and I always leave a note in the kitchen if I leave. Fairy likes you, and she likes that I get actual sleep around you." I say with a shrug.

"You don't sleep well Princess," He asks, his voice a mere murmur. "When I'm not there?"

"Around you is the only time I get good sleep." I tell him, quickly scribbling a note for Aunt Faye and Jessamine before going around to my front door. "You asleep?" I ask after a while, humor lacing my tone. 

"No." He replies. 

His voice is so deep and husky when he's tired, and it sucks how sexy it is because when he's that tired all I could get is a small kiss.

Talk about teasing.

Xavier yawns again before continuing. "Just thinking about you."

I hum in reply, preoccupied with setting my bags down and starting the car -giggling when I hear him growl and curse under his breath at the tangled sheets.

"Have I ever told you how much I like your giggles?" My Wolf boy asks, not letting me answer. "I like them a lot. They might be...they might be my favorite sound."

My heart swells and the urge to kiss him intensifies, I have to remind myself to keep driving. 

"Well," I clear my throat. "I don't know what my favorite sound is."

"If you had to pick?" Xavier breathes.

I raise a eyebrow though he can't see me. "If I had to pick my favorite sound?" 

"Yeah." He confirms.

Instantly my mind shoots to different things, trying to think of one thing I could never get tired of hearing.

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