Chapter Fifteen

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She wore fire like a crown and when the Devil looked her way you can be sure he winked.
-JM Wonderland

Hayden just finished explaining to Xavier and me that it was all his fault, that Camille was a cover since Hayden knew Cameron was more likely to go easy on his sister than her asshole boyfriend and he knew what my reaction would be if I found out, but didn't think I would find out because he thought Cam wouldn't tell me until he looked everywhere.

The Devil's fists clenched and I heard his deep breath. "So you knew that Emma'd panic. That it would hurt her?" 

Everyone could hear how deadly his voice was, I was the only one who wasn't afraid. 

"Yea...yeah I guess." Hayden mumbles.

"So you intentionally did something that you know would hurt her?" Xavier voice is cold as Hayden nods, I step forward as his back muscles flex. "Good enough for me."

Then suddenly Hayden is on the floor and Xavier stands over him, shaking out his now injured fist with a shrug. 

Thankfully the idiot with a bloody nose quickly scrambles to hit feet, accepting the fact that he was punched and can do nothing about it.

"And you said my actions were extreme." I mutter, getting a eye roll from the Devil himself. Turning to Hayden I quickly usher him out of the house, stopping him on my front porch for a second. "Is Cam going to be here?"

He nods, a small smile making it's way on his face despite how bruised it is. "Yeah, he just had to go do something first." 

Soon he's gone and a breath of relief washes over me. 

I close the door, leaning against it while carefully clutching onto my dad's dragon ring again. 

"That's how you got scars." A deep voice in front of me says, I open my eyes and lift my head to see Xavier leaning against the living room's entrance watching me. 

Frowning I give a confused look. 

I don't have that many scars, most of them are from goofing around or from my grandparents farm -the one I go to every summer.

There's one on my knee cap where I trusted Cameron enough to catch me when I jumped down from the horse pen's fence. Some on my ankles from the roosters. One on my arm where I broke my wrist, on my hip where I feel on a shovel that Julian had propped up after we helped his mom plant her garden. A ragged one on my scalp where my mom smashed a bottle into me.

It takes me a few seconds to realize he's talking about the three small ones I have on my palm, where the dragon currently is held.

"Uh, yeah." I say frowning. "How did you notice those?"

The Devil shrugs, eyes drifting down to my clenched hands before snapping the blue back to my grey. "My observational skills are pretty sharp."

Right, wolf and all.

Just then the door bell rings, I twist around and open the door just a crack -throwing it wide with a smile when Cameron's face pops up. 

He laughs and pulls me straight in for a hug, I wrap my arms around his waist. 

"Cam. You're here." I pause, looking at the bag in his arms. "And you brought doughnuts!"

"It's odd that you're more excited about food than seeing me." Cameron chuckles, knowing not to take any of it to heart. "Hayden dropped by?"

I nod, glancing back to where Xavier is standing -watching us with a strangely guarded expression. "He got punched."

Cam winces, tsking at me while pointing a finger in my face. "Did you break his nose again Ems? I told you to stop punching that hard, you always bruise your knuckles too much." 

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