Chapter Six

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"You've been unhappy because you've desired things that cannot be."
"That's what desire is." The Devil says. "The need for what we can't have. The need for what's readily available is called greed."
- Mike Carey

"These are so good," Julian groans. My lips quirk up, awed at how he can find my pancakes so good after having them so many times. "So good."

Xavier smirks, alerts go off in my head.

Not for me, I'm safe with him.

But for one of my best friends.

The very one that I happen to know annoys the everlasting out the Devil. 

"Do you always moan when you eat?" The wolf boy asks, Julian instantly splutters and starts choking on his food.

His sister slyly grins into her coffee, Cal just smiles like normal but Xavier full out smirks while I give him a flat glare.

Or I attempt to but I end up staring at him due to how sexy he is in that moment. 

I was right, getting him shirtless in just sweatpants with the hemline of his Calvin Klein underwear showing helped Jessamine as much as it's helping me. She shoots me a thankful look, being able to see both the Angel and Devil's full range of muscles. 

"Why are you staring Emma?" He asks, crossing his arms.

"You almost killed him via inappropriate questioning." I motion to a still red Julian, who is busy chugging his juice. "I'm not staring, I'm glaring."

This is a lie.

He raises a eyebrow, clearly unimpressed. "Is that so? I'm pretty sure I was just being stared at."

I blink innocently at him. "By who?"

Xavier scowls and realizing he's not getting anywhere with me in this argument drops it. "I hate you." He grumbles.

"You didn't hate me last night." I wink at the Devil.

He gives me a deadly look, but I can only snicker into my hand when I see Jessamine instantly perk up at this. Upon seeing this Xavier's look only turns worse, where as my best friend squeals. 

"Last night, you two-" She shrieks, making it silent as a pin. I raise a eyebrow at her. "That is so fucking cute." Jessie motions between us. "She's so small, but so cute and beautiful and hot and like literally a kitten. And he's well, he's just the sexy Devil. I can't believe this! Do you know how it feels to see you guys together?" She gushes.

Me and Xavier share a look, he raises a eyebrow before I motion for him to talk.

"We're not...together exactly. Just figuring things out." He explains, voice and features stoic before glancing at me to see if he got it right. I nod, he smirks lightly. It's like this guy doesn't know how to smile.

"Aw," Jessie whines. "But you had my hopes up. Whatever, it will happen eventually. You guys did sleep together though?"

"Yep," I say, popping the 'p' as I admit it.

It's not like I'm ashamed of it and I refuse to let a subject like this embarrass me. 

"Are you exclusively figuring things out?" Julian asks, his eyes trained on Xavier. He knows how much of a player he is. 

"Uh...." I trail off, looking at the Devil. He just raises a eyebrow at me, the message clear in his blue eyes. What do I want? "It's up to him." I decide, putting Xavier on the spot -which he shoots me a glare for. 

Jessamine squeals, clamping her hand over her mouth a second later. "Sorry, that's just so cute." 

"Babe, give them a break." Cal, always the Angel, suggests. 

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