Chapter Nine

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I would rather be a devil in alliance with truth, than an angel in alliance with falsehood.
-Ludwig Feuerbach

I cross my arms defiantly over my chest, staring at Julian as he gets down onto his knees and starts to beg me.

We just arrived at the carnival and this is what I have to deal with.

Stupid teenagers.


"Please, please, please go on the rides this year. You have your Devil this year! It would be so much fun instead of walking around only going on the boring ones. Please, please." He begs me.

"You're such a asshole," I mutter, caving as I see his quivering bottom lip. "Fine! Just stop looking at me like that." With a split second mischievous smirk he continues to pout, this time adding fake tears.

My heart clenches at this but I don't fall for it, instead I flick his nose and nudge his thigh with my shoe. "Get up, dipshit. I already agreed." Instead of doing that he tugs me closer by my wrists, making my black drawstring travel down my shoulder. "Stop it."

Xavier steps beside me, easily tearing me from his grip. "I will punch you."

At this Julian scrambles to his feet, grinning smugly at me. I raise a single finger at him but it does nothing to discourage the wide grin.

"What ride first?" Jessamine asks, holding hands with Cal.

I would do the same with Xavier but his hands are clamped around my lower ribs as he stands behind me.

I'm thankful for the contact.

"That one!" Jules points to a giant machine that has seats like human size paper airplanes. We're supposed to lay on our stomach next to someone. I gulp, realizing how high it goes and take a step back.

"It's okay, they're designed to be safe. Nothing will happen to you." Xavier whispers in my ear, giving my body a squeeze. "I promise."

Relaxing against his chest I nod, making him stand to his full height -which his around a foot and then some above my head.

I huff as I realize this once again, causing him to smirk down at me with invigoratingly sharp teeth.

"Lets go," Jessie says.

Soon I'm rooted in place by the spots, Cal has already taken the spot next to us, Julian having snatched his sister.

"In you get Princess," Xavier says. My head snaps to him but his hands wrap around my waist and he's lifting me on the machine. "Stop squirming."

When he climbs in next to me I'm still sitting up. With a small glare he grabs my hip, twisting me around while I squeak and forcing me to lay down.

Glaring back at him I grab his arm, moving my fingers through his.

He looks at me, moving over to press his side into mine. "Just keep your eyes open. You'll learn to love the view, I promise." Xavier smirks as I pale at the thought of opening my eyes.

"You promise?" I squeal, clenching my fists around his.

Once again the Devil looks feral as he leans down, brushing our lips together. "Promise..." He says against me.

Suddenly the bar falls down and clicks into place, making me squeal.

Turning my eyes to him in a accusation makes him roll his. "You just did that to distract me."

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