Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Conquered the Devil with a little thing called love.
-Bob Marley 

"Do you love him?" Cal asks across from me, Jessamine staring straight at me creeps me out. After spending the last hour talking about random things with Cal, knowing that his girl is interrogating my boyfriend in the room over, my nerves seriously got grated on.

Xavier is lounging on the edge of a couch, looking like he could care less about the conversation we're having.

Cal and Jessamine are both sitting in armchairs, while I decided to sprawl myself out on the love seat -wrong move.

I clench my jaw, glaring right back at my best friend. 

She knows she shouldn't force me into these conversations, that my mind gets clogged with panic and usually I end up running away to calm down.

Most days I end up with my dad.

"I asked if you love him." The ever polite Angel repeats, somehow thinking I didn't hear him.

"Answer Emma, this will be over faster if you do and then you can leave." My heart pounds at Jessie's words, automatically my hand shifts up to clench around my dragon ring necklace. 

"Yes." I snap.

My boyfriend's head turn towards me so fast I'm surprised he didn't break anything, but I refuse to look up at him.

Instead my gaze is focused on the carpet as I play with my tongue ring.

These things do come in handy.

"How much?" Cal asks, leaning forward when I glance at him.

"What, does it come in gallons?" Is my snarky reply, and even I am wondering why I'm so defensive about this. Loving Xavier isn't a bad thing. "Does it matter?" I ask, my voice still snappy.

"Why would it not?"

This time I simply refuse to answer, but wince when I tug on the silver piercing too hard and have to tear my teeth away from it. 

But Jessamine leans over to whisper something in his ear, and just based off of how Xavier tenses completely I know he heard them and it wasn't necessarily a good thing.

"What were you looking for when you first liked him?" Cal asks, continuing on with the interrogation.

I lift a lazy eyebrow at this. "I wasn't looking for anything at all when I walked into that room with him, strangely enough."

"Did you know you were going to fall in love with him?" 

"What kind of stupid question is that?" I ask, glaring at Cal. "Who know's they're going to fall in love?"

"Good point." He clears his throat. "Did you plan on, I don't know, trying to be his girlfriend?"

"No." At both Cal and Jessie's go-on look I roll my eyes. "I wasn't planning on falling for anyone soon, I was trying not to plan to kill myself." The Angel's eyes widen, clearly not knowing this information. "But then I met him -fuck...and that was it, I guess. Things just happen."

"What things?"

"Are they important?"

"You're still alive, aren't you." Calum shoots back, making my fist clench tighter. "I think those must be pretty important things then."

"They're pretty basic, actually." I reply, challenging him.

"Good, then we won't have trouble understanding." Jessie shoots back.

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