Chapter Twenty-Four

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In the Deep South, the Devil is a beautiful boy who swears and cheats at  on Sunday. He's the one who reaches up your skirt and lights your prayers on fire with his tongue.
-S.T. Gibson

"This is a deep pool for you." Xavier mumbles, me having gotten down once I started to feel dizzy from being up so high. 

Tall boyfriends.


I glare up him. "It's only six feet deep. You're taller than that."

"But you'd drown in the five foot section." He says, eyes twinkling in amusement -the blue reflection from the water making his dark eyes come alive. "All this worry is what I get for dating a midget."

Scoffing, I scowl at him.

When I look down, the edge of the pool we're standing on gives me a idea, but not a good one.

Taking a breath to prepare myself I quickly shove my boyfriends large chest as hard as I could, my Wolf boy gives a startled cry before completely falling back into the water with a loud splash. 

My giggling is cut short when I'm winded, having been thrown over a large shoulder with my thigh and arm being held in a tight grip. In seconds Cameron is in front of the latter, making my whole body go rigid and all my fighting cease. 

I'm shaking by the time he reaches the top, and even though it's only seven feet high I still feel the fear of being in the air.

"Hey! Cam, you need to come back down." Jessamine yells. "She's afraid of heights."

"I know, that's why I'm doing this." Cam cackles back.

"Not cool dude." The Angel says. "Not cool at all."

"Put her the fuck down," Xavier growls. "Or I swear to god I will hurt you."

"Swearing to god, isn't that a little ironic devil boy?" He antagonizes my boyfriend. Wrong move. "And this is punishment for helping this evil spawn when she was clearly in the wrong."

"She's my girlfriend, I'll help her no matter what and I will break your fucking nose if you don't put her down." The Devil promises, and I feel Cam temporarily tense against me.

"Down you say?" Cameron says, smugness filling his voice. "Okay."

I'm lifted in the air, his hands staying on me for mere seconds before I'm falling. My breath catches in my throat as my eyes squeeze tighter, and then I'm under the water.

My butt touches the bottom, making me realize the force he must have thrown me with.

The shock and fear still catching up to me, all my oxygen leaves my lungs and I struggle not the inhale as my limbs clumsy from adrenaline make it hard for me to swim.

Large hands wrap around my waist and I'm pulled through the water with force, I break the surface.

Heat encases me as I'm pressed into a chest, one that gives off a deep rumble.

Xavier's hell fire.

I'm safe now.

But I'm still shaking and gasping air in my stinging lungs, even if my mind has gotten over the fear, my body hasn't and panic still grips me.

"You're okay Emma, I got you." His deep voice instantly helps me calm down. Xavier brushes all my hair buries his face in my neck, kissing the skin at the hallow of my throat. "I promise you're safe."

I shakily pull away from him, letting him lower me down. We stand in the deep end, where Cameron through me in, so he has to pick me up but like always he takes my weight like a champ. 

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