Chapter Nineteen

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When you love someone, truly love them, you lay your heart open to them. You give them a part of yourself that you give to no one else, you let them inside a part of you that they can hurt-you literally hand them a razor with a map of where to cut the  most painfully on your heart and soul. When they do strike, it's crippling- your heart is carved out. Now imagine giving the Devil that power.
-Sherrilyn Kenyon

Xavier and Cal have football practice after school, and tonight is game night.

This is perfect.

I already told the Angel what I'm going to do, he gave me his address so I can talk to their parents. Cal warned me that me not telling him I'm going to leave is a bad idea, especially two days after we officially got together -and as his girlfriend I'm suppose to be wearing his jersey to support him like I promised I always would.

But that's not happening.

I didn't tell Jessamine, but I did tell Aunt Faye -she gave me permission for missing school and even called the school to arrange how my absence would affect my grades.

Now it won't.

When I get back I'll have two weeks of school left.

Uncle James is helping me with my case, with him as mine and Xavier's lawyer nothing can go wrong. JJ's too good for that.

We are going to get Xavier as Olivia Wolf's guardian, get him to adopt her with me as the secondary guardian. 

And we're going to protect her from Mike Lanton.

Uncle JJ already got the papers from the attorney Xavier has, he signed all he needs to. All we need is it to go through the legal system, convince social services and get the foster parents to sign off on her -which they are more than happy to do.

I don't like them.

First time I hear his last name I'm glad he made his children take their mother's, that he didn't pass down his brown eyes and hair.

Two weeks until his birthday.

That's enough time.

My hands are shaking on my steering wheel when I pull up to the Hilton residence. Calum told his mom I'd be coming and I can already see the tall woman peeking through her window.

She throws the door open and I step out, the whole thing seeming unreal to me.

"Mrs. Hilton," I say, sticking a hand out to her. 

She moves straight past it, squishing me in a hug. 

I recognize the tight arm around my waist and the loose one around my shoulders. The Devil's face flashes in my mind. 

"You taught Xavier how to hug." I blurt.

She lets out a silvery laugh, pulling away and holding me at arms length. "I love that conversation starter! I like you already," Mrs. Hilton winks. "How'd you figure that out?"

At this point I'm blushing from embarrassment. "Your hands," I admit. "They're exactly where his go and your bottom arm is always so tight. He must have learned from you. It's unique."

"Aw, why thank you. I did teach him, I'm surprised he's hugged you," She chuckles lightly, confusing me. "Boy is so squeamish about touchy feely things."

"What?" I sputter. "No he's not."

"And that's why he's your boyfriend." She pulls a Jessie by grabbing her cheeks and preceding to gush. "You're such a good one, I can tell. Oh I'm so proud of him. I swore that boy would be a bachelor for life when he started being a player -he's too good at it." His mother says, her voice turning scolding. "Your wedding would be so cute-"

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