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I'd fallen in love with the devil, and nothing but him would taste as heavenly.
-Becca Fitzpatrick 

I don't think I've ever felt so large, so on top of the world.

I sit in front of my dad's grave, I know his name by heart. He used to be alive, but now he's not, and for once I don't put that unseasonable blame on myself.

My best friend is happy with her fiance, she's probably off giggling with him somewhere for no reason, his name is Calum Hilton. 

He used to be the star boy at our school, now he's just another college kid, we're all just college kid's at this point.

So, same thing as usual.

I trust myself now, and I trust the people around me too. 

It's why I got a apartment with them, otherwise the money my dad left me would have gone into a solo home.

And the man across from me is still bad, still feral.

Xavier Wolf is still the Devil, people haven't forgotten who he is just because he grew up a little.

But now, he doesn't let it affect him.

As much as he's their devil, he's my Wolf boy.

I discovered why I felt the way I did, because every time he looks at me his eyes dilate and he nearly does a double take...like he's seeing me for the first time.

We still run around campus, or random parts of the town and take pictures together. We're still partners.

Just like how we met.

I am never scared of Xavier or his hell fire -he still stares at me.

And, of course, we're still annoyed by Jessamine and Cal's constant gooey looks.

Even if we're just as annoying.

Everything is silent, until the Devil growls attractively under his breath. "Get it on with Princess, my ass is starting to hurt from sitting on the ground so long."

"Getting tired or old, Wolf." I ask, making him scowl and glare at me.

"Tired of your shit, Carter." 

Annoyed people.


"I found it." I say quietly to my dad, laying down on the damp grass as I look to the sky. "I found my home."

I also found it.

After two years of searching- -through a undeniable crush, having my heart felt like it was stepped on, wanting to kill myself, then not wanting to kill myself, a boyfriend, a risky stunt, two bloody knuckles, a trip to jail and a very mad boyfriend -through sex, kissing, showers and biting -through a few visits to dead people, singing my heart away, then more kissing and why-not's- -I found it.

I found a word stronger then fuck.

Now sure, fuck is a very good words for different situations...with a lot of different context.

But love is sure a hell of a lot stronger, especially when it comes to the Devil.

No pun intended.

"Jessamine said before I even realized it was possible, that Xavier was my soulmate. Originally I swore she was insane, or started smoking something she wasn't supposed to." At this Xavier chuckles silently beside me. "But then I started to think about it and maybe she was right, because he's safe. He's the safest place I could be Dad, and he feels like my home. I think that's what a soulmate is, who no matter where you are, you hug them and you're home."

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