Chapter Thirty

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The Devil's favorite place to hide is on the other side of love. 
-Tice Davids

"Do you you guys want to hear me sing?" I randomly ask, my mind a bundle of nerves.

Yesterday was I mess, that I'll admit.

Macy invited me in, her and Olivia are watching Cal and Xavier play games on the play station while Jessamine sit's behind her boyfriend. Jack is reading in his arm chair.

Not the best place, or best timing, but it get's everyone's attention.

Jessie being Jessie, squeals loudly and starts bouncing in her seat. "Yes! Yes, sing please please please! Cal agree with me."

"I'm agreeing with myself, I heard you once and you were really good." The Angel compliments me. "I'd like to hear you again."

"Emmie I wanna hear you." Liv pipes up, making my heart swell.

"I'll hear you out." Jack agrees, setting his book down.

"Aw yes!" Macy squeals. "I hope it's a love song." At this I blush because yes, it is a love song. 

"Zay?" Cal asks Xavier, he's staring down at his clenched fists with his game off. "Can you listen?"

"Sure, why not." The Devil says, a edge to his tone.

With a small cry about, "Setting the mood." Jessie and Macy bounce around the room, turning off some lights and forcing me back into the wide door frame -where light from upstairs spills out.

Nostalgia floods me and I feel myself choking on it.

"Here," My best friend hands me her phone. "Type in the song, only the music though. My speaker is set up."

"Why did you have your speaker over here?" I ask, frowning. 

"So she can play it while Cal's door is shut." Jack says, giving his son a flat look -Calum winces and gives us a sheepish smile. "Do you need a minute kiddo, or?"

I'm frozen as he calls me this, the tone, the nickname, the deep voice all too familiar.

Thankfully Jessamine grabs my hand that itches to shoot to my necklace, feel the pain of the ring digging into me, and smiles like nothings happening. "Just give her a minute, she's a natural at this stuff."

"And if you don't let go, I'll suddenly be a natural at shoving foots up asses." I hiss this quiet enough so Liv doesn't hear, but my point still gets across and she drops her crushing grip on my wrist. "Thanks."

Looking down, I mentally prepare myself for all that could go wrong, but if this helps explain anything to Xavier I'm willing to do it.

He's my boyfriend for a reason.

So, with a shaky finger I begin to play the music.

"What would I do without your smart mouth,
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out,
Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down,
What's going on in that beautiful mind,
I'm on your magical mystery ride,
And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright."

My voice gradually gets louder, until I'm going strong. 

"My head's under water,
But I'm breathing fine,
You're crazy and I'm out of my mind."

Hell fire seems to consume my body, but he's half a room away.

"'Cause all of me,
Loves all of you,
Love your curves and all your edges,
All your perfect imperfections,
Give your all to me,
I'll give my all to you."

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