Chapter Three

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Only give your moments of heaven to who is willing to hold your hand and walk with you through hell.
Even if they may be the Devil himself.
-JM Storm

"Emma, Emma you need to wake up." Someone's large hands shake my shoulder, I groan and swat at them which instantly sends pain flaring through my wrist.

I gasp and sit straight up.

Above me Julian stares in concern, and I notice I'm breathing hard.

His hands move off me and I notice Jessie's sleeping form along with Calum's in a recliner. We all spent the night once a storm warning was sent out, we're probably going to have to do it tonight too, unless someone is stupid enough to drive out in the hail.

Only Jules and a pair of set, cold blue eyes are looking at me.

"What, what happened?" I croak, pressing my hand onto my pumping hard.

It's beating so fast.

Julian raises a concerned eyebrow, moving my hair aside to press fingers onto my neck. His eyes widen and he quickly presses the back of his hand to my cheek making me flinch. "You had another nightmare, I was about to wake you up when you tried to claw your neck. I had to hold you down but that only made it worse."

I breath out, my head reeling. "Just a nightmare." I say.

Julian embraces me, shuffling further onto the couch. "It's been so long since that happened, you scared me." 

I frown, hanging my head slightly once he pulls away. "I'm sorry, I didn't hurt you did I?" 

The only real reason I ask this is because I've broken my dad's arm, Jules nose and one of Jessie's fingers during a nightmare before. 

He grins, letting me know he's okay. "Nah, you're a weakling. You might want a clean shirt though, you passed out with all your grossness on display."

Feeling offended I push him harshly onto the floor before rolling my eyes and standing. Soon I yawn and stretch silently, only to squeak in surprise when Julian smacks my stomach. "Cover your flub up Emma. Disgusting." 

I grunt in response, crossing my arms. "If you don't like it don't look, and you don't look much better shirtless my man." 

He scoffs, quickly stripping of his shirt to show off his very unimpressive abs. While he's flexing I snicker and snatch his shirt from the floor before pulling it over my head.

Winking to the now scowling Julian I flop back onto the couch, a smug look on my face.

He settles in next to me, not bothering going to his room again.

It's then I realize, that Xavier must have been the one to wake him up to help me.

I wince, realizing he's still awake and watching us.

For some reason I want nothing more than for him to come over here and sit next to me, to comfort me after my nightmare.

Instead I giggle quietly, return his favor and slapping his bare chest so loud it echos off the walls and the area I hit turns red. 

He groans in pain, rolling over while holding the spot to dramatically fall on the floor.

With a smirk I quickly twist and fall on top of him, sitting on his back as I pretend to get comfortable. "Ooo, so comfy. You'd make a great bed Jules. So squishy, so much flub to expand on. I wish they sold more of you at the store."

"I hate you." He grits out through clenched teeth, quickly changing our position as I squirm under him -unable to use half my body because of the healing wounds lets him sit straight on my stomach. Thankfully he doesn't add his full weight.

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