Chapter Four

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When the Devil falls in love even the angels smile.
-Shubham Shukla 

"Jessie no offense but if you ask me if I'm alright one more time you aren't going to be." I glare at my  best friend, who is still shocked at the end of her bed.

The bed me and the Devil just happened to fall asleep together on.

My head and shoulders are raised on the mountain of pillows, one of my hands are free and the injured one is trapped under his clenched one. Xavier himself rests between my legs, head stuffed against my stomach -my shirt rode up and is against his forehead.

His massive frame hangs off the bed just below his knees, where one leg raised and curled around my own. 

In short he's trapped me.

When both me and Jessie tried to pull him away from me, or at least free my hand he actually growled at us in his sleep.

Xavier Wolf truly lives up to his name.

"But you're trapped by the Devil." She sputters, pointing towards his head as if I don't already know.

"I got that, thanks for noticing." I shrug slightly. "Honestly I'm comfortable, can you just let me get back to sleep? Not everyone likes to wake up at eight on Saturday." 

Reminding myself of the time makes me glare at her.

She sends me a sheepish smile and takes a step back with her hands raised. "I swear you both didn't like each other. How did you end up in bed with one another." 

Thankfully, because the old ones hadn't healed, she hasn't noticed the fresh marks and bites on my skin.

Jessamine will eventually.

But if that can be avoided while he's sleeping on me I'll take what I can get.

"Trust me, we're fine now. He apologized and I didn't really hold anything against him in the first place. I don't think me and him will be a problem now, in fact it might be a good thing. Just leave." 

She smirks as if she knows something I don't but she does start to leave, at the door she turns to send me a wink. "I have condoms if you guys-"

"Jessie!" I scold and feel myself flush.

"Just saying. K' I'll leave you guys alone, just find me when you're done. Seems like we're trapped in here for another day. Should have used the guest room." Jessie shakes her head.

"I would have if I'd known he would follow me. I'll be in there tonight and let you and Cal take this, seeing as you guys were practically dry humping your way through the movie before passing out on the couch." I reprimand her with narrowed eyes. If she's gonna tease me I'm going to tease her. "When are you gonna ask him out? We all know you like him. He knows you like him. You know he likes you. What is the problem?"

"I don't know...I'm scared to fuck it up and make him leave. I'm okay with what I have." She says, but doesn't look sure. 

Then Xavier stirs on me.

"Go be scared somewhere else." I joke, and to my surprise she does without a fight.

And then I'm back to sleeping.


A few hours later and I accidentally yank on Xavier's hair, making him wince in his sleep.

Blinking the fogginess in my brain away I take a ragged breath, making his lip clip into my belly button piercing -something I didn't have in during Spinning Murder for a reason.

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