Extra Chapter Two

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"Be careful," They warn him. "The Devil's daughter is the most beautiful of all, but she hides a wicked soul behind those blue eyes."
"That's okay." He replied. "I fell in love with those eyes."
-Ziad Abdelnour

"Do you want to know what your daughter did today?" I ask Xavier, who instantly smirks up at me and takes Eliza from my arms.

"Oh so she's only my daughter now?" He asks sarcastically. "I didn't know I could do that by myself."

"Oh she's your daughter alright, especially when she starts biting people." I exclaim, throwing my hands in the air.

Both set of blue eyes blink up at me, one innocently and the other with amusement.

This is seconds before the Devil starts laughing at me.

"It's not funny!" I shout, startling Elle slightly -but with us as parent's she's used to random outbursts and continues to stare up at me.

Having two pairs of steady, observational eyes on me at the same time, that are the exact same color and seem to have the same knowledge- -even though one of them is six and the other is twenty nine- -is creepy.

And he calls me a creep.

"Come on," My husband teases me. "It's a little funny."

"No it's not." I grumble.

My Wolf boy raises a eyebrow, asking for permission, I nod and let him pull me into him.

"Ah," He says. "My two favorite people."

"I thought Jessie was your favorite person," I say smugly -having forced him yet again to be her fake boyfriend when a weird guy started hitting on her. "She is your girl, after all."

"She is not my girl," He growls. "You're my girl, she's just-" He shudders slightly. "I don't even know what she is."

"Are you talking about Aunt Jess?" Eliza asks, picking it up straight away from her dad's tone.

"Yeah Queen," He says, making my heart swell at her nickname. "I'm talking about your aunt."

"Isn't she human?" She asks.

I giggle lightly, stroking her hair back. "Yeah baby wolf, she's human."

"Are you mad at me Momma?" Elle asks, and she does it so innocently that my heart clenches. Xavier, having a much too sweet spot for our daughter, pouts right along with her.

"No, I just don't want you to bite the other kids." I explain, trying to be patient with her.

Having kids definitely expanded my patience levels.

Thankfully Alexander is at soccer practice -because compared to her brother Elle is the most behaved, quietest, loving little kid there is.

Which is saying a lot, because she got all of Xavier's cockiness, confidence, preferences, sharp teeth, temper and all of my sarcasm, defensiveness and sleeping habits.

The kid's gonna be a mess when she's older.

But Xander bounces around kicking a soccer ball and screams twenty four seven, he loves singing but sadly he inherited his Dad's voice.

We thought he'd get better with age, but after his ninth birthday this year we decided he just sucks at singing.

He is great at soccer, that he got from his Dad, then again when Elle play with him the only reason she doesn't win is because of her small frame.

"Why?" Elle asks quizzically, small hand flying up to the sharp teeth she inherited from her dad. That's what I get for naming her as a Wolf. "Daddy bites you."

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