Chapter Sixteen

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The Devil doesn't come in a red cape and horns. He comes in everything you've ever wished for. 
-Tucker Max

"Okay Devil," Cam says. "Truth or Dare."

Xavier raises a eyebrow. "Dare." 

"I dare you," Thankfully the only one drunk is Jessamine, the rest of us are tipsy. Not Xavier, he does the dares without complaint and only has taken shots for some truths. "To take four body shots off of Ems." 

I groan at Cameron's words, having sat between him and Cal so Xavier couldn't get revenge made him glare at me for the past hour and lick across his sharpest teeth as a warning. 

Safe to say I purposely avoided stepping in reaching distance.

When it comes to things like this, Xavier doesn't ask. 


"Here." Calum, the not so Angel when he has some alcohol in him, smirks while handing Cam four shots of tequila who then sets them on the pool table. 

I squeal when Xavier's hands curl around my ankles, pulling me to him. 

My group cheers as he slings me over his shoulder and then stands, carrying me to the same pool table and laying me down. I try to sit up, only to have his large palm land on my rib cage, effectively stopping me -which I remember this is a dare so I completely stop fighting it.

It's not like I don't enjoy him being so close to me.

The Devil stands between my legs, making me giggle when he tugs my shirt off only makes him glare at me more. This time I understand why. 

I shiver as he smirk, placing the mandatory slice of limes on my stomach. "Hold still Princess." He commands, with hands placed beside my waist he moves over me. I close my eyes and wait for the cold sensation of the fruit  

With his tongue he maneuvers the lime between his teeth, moving it down my skin before back up. When the pressure comes on my lips I take the lime, keeping it between my own as I giggle again -due to Cameron pouring the first shot on me. 

Xavier bends back over me, grabbing my hips as he takes the shot before licking the excess away. It's then I'm glad I took my belly button ring out. 

Being much more pleasant than any other body shot I've had on me or had to do, I find myself having to clamp my jaw down to stop any sounds from coming out. 

This happens four more times and on the last one Xavier kisses me, having to take the lime from my mouth to show he's done. 

It's safe to say from there things got heated, my legs hitch up around him as one of his hand encase my waist completely and the other supports us back on the pool table. Our lips move together rapidly, all control lost.

His lips travel down, marking my neck. 

I gasp as the Devil's teeth dig into me, a painful pleasure as his other hand steadies me as I arch into him and release a small hiss/moan from the sensation. My hands grab onto his shoulders as he fails to move, just dig into me deeper.

"Damn," Cameron whistles. "That has got to hurt."

Xavier pulls away from me, smirking smugly as he gently grabs my chin, making my eyes pop. "Oh," His look is suddenly feral as he take my lips with his own. "It does."

Soon it goes around in another circle, due to Jessamine's questioning Xavier's complete 'biting kink', as it's said, was exposed and all two of our friends laughed their asses off while the third one gushes over how quote on quote "Hot as sexy fucking possible" that is. 

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