Chapter Twelve

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"There's only room for one hero in this story-and everyone knows the devil doesn't get to be the good guy." 
-Joe Hill

The school Angel and Devil were late to sixth hour.

At first I was worried, that was before I realized I had literally nothing to worry about because they banged the door open and strolled in -both silent with blank looks.

And the movie was boring, I was still frowning while my eyes struggled to stay open.

My conversation with Jessamine made me so tired.

As I watched the guy chase the giggling girl through the park I slowly start to drift off to sleep.

Suddenly my phone goes off, making me jump. Scrambling into my pocket as the class turns to look at me, I quickly stand as I recognize my cousin's number. Pointing towards the door my teacher nods and I quickly stumble outside. 

"C-Cameron." I stutter, my tired voice betraying me. "You...okay?" 

"Ems?" He says slowly. "How tired are you?"

"Pfft," I tilt my head towards the hallway ceiling. "Not tired at all. What's up?"

"I'm sort of in the hospital but-"

"What?" I shout, clamping my hand over my mouth. "Which one -Do your parent's know? How hurt are you? What happened?"

He laughs, but that only increases my worry. Cam laughs in the most serious situations and has a hard time keeping a straight face. "Calm down, I'm fine." He backtracks. "Well, almost fine."

"Almost." I say, my voice a tired squeaky. "What does that mean?"

"It means I got into a small teeny tiny fight with a German Sheppard that looked misleadingly nice and he clawed my chest and bit my arm." My mouth drops at his words, images of blood instantly fill my mind. "So I need you to come and bail me out of the hospital before my dad finds out." 

I take a deep breath, clenching my fists. "Text me which hospital and your room number. Idiot." 

"Aw, that's my favorite cousin." Cameron coos at me. "I love you."

My heart clenches at the words, imagining who else I could say them to as I respond. "I love you too. But you're still a idiot." 

"I know," He laughs, hanging up. 

I bang the back of my head into the lockers, exhaling deeply before I slip inside the classroom and go straight to the teachers desk. The stupid sub is asleep, making me roll my eyes as I switch courses to my desk.

Xavier is sleeping when I past him, I don't know why it feels like we're in the middle of a argument but it does. 

I hate that feeling, that maybe he'll ice me out again.

With a clenched jaw I silently pick up my bag, I make my way out of the class -surprised when a hand pulls on my elbow. 

Ripping myself from who I see now is Cal I exhale in relief, giving him a weird look. "What?" I snap, highly strung after Cameron almost gave me a heart attack.

"Where are you going? If he wakes up and sees your gone I'll be the one he's asking." He explains, making my frown deepen.

"Hospital, I have someone there I need to pick up." I tell him. "I'll be home tonight, you don't have to look so freaked out. Tell Jessie would you?" 

He nods, but looks reluctant. "Who should I say it is?" 

I begin to walk again, throwing Cameron's name over my shoulder.

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