Chapter Twenty-One

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She kissed me. She kissed the Devil. Only a beautiful soul like hers would kiss the damned.
-Daniel Saint

"Come on Princess," Xavier says. "Get up."

"No." I groan, holding Demon closer to me -only to peek a eye open to meet the blue sparkles. "Your the only wolf that loves me."

"You're so fucking melodramatic." The Devil snorts, crossing his arms. 

I didn't say he could touch me, so unless he gets desperate it's just talk from here on out.

Rolling my eyes, I turn on my side and bury my head into his pillow. 

Stupid school.


"We're gonna be late." Xavier says. "Even Ollie is already up."

"She's younger." I grunt. "More energy."

"Tick tock." He says, taping his watch annoyingly.

"No, we have two hours before school starts. I take like ten minutes to get ready." I say, relaxing into the sheets.

"But me and Cal always get to school early." Xavier protests. "And I have to drop my sister off."

"Good for you?" I frown. "I have my own car."

"Yeah," I can feel the Devil smirking behind me. "Jessie is taking that since she needed to go home and get her school bags. So you're with me."

"I don't want to be with you." I grumble. "You annoy me."

"À contredire." Xavier says, and I curse his french classes for making him sound so sexy. "You're my girlfriend for a reason."

"A reason I'm starting to doubt."

"You're so rude."

"Says the Devil."

"Can I touch you yet?" Xavier asks, his voice a whine.

I pause, wanting to feel his warmth but really really not wanting to get out of bed. "No."

The bed dips, I freeze as his muscular cars cage me in -still not touching me.

"How about now?" He breaths, heat emitting off of him.

The Devil doesn't know how much I love his hell fire, doesn't know that just the fact I can feel his body temperature right now is enough to make me relax and want to sleep even more.

I grin into his pillow case, cuddling closer to Demon. "Nope."

He groans, flopping down beside me making the bed shake at his movements.

This is one massive bed, due to how tall he is he needs one.

In my bed he has to scrunch up -something I make fun of him for which backfires because of how short I am.

Growing teenagers.


"But we need to go." Xavier continues to protest me staying in bed. "Everyone else is up."

"Then just drop Liv off and come back for me." I mumble, sleep catching up to me. "I hope Jessamine told you the water thing doesn't work for me."

"She did." The Devil answers stiffly. "I have other alternatives."

My curiosity grows at this.

"Which is?"

"Letting Liv put makeup on you and hiding the wipes." He says smugly, watching my body grow tense. "Yeah, that's a plan right there."

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