Bonus Pre-Prologue

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Bonus: 3RD Outside Point of View
(That's correct, you read that right. Though I myself aren't a fan of multiple POV's in one book, I couldn't resist from doing this :0 so sorry if you're just like me. If you're not I hope you enjoy reading it!)

He was the devil.
Calm, unfettered, and unaffected.
Leading me down a sordid path.
-Ellie Fox

Xavier Wolf didn't know what was happening to him.

Being the town's biggest delinquent- -one of the most feared people there at the mere age of 18- -the stoned face, unaffected and secluded boy, the sports champion who kicked ass, the Devil, he was surprised-

No, more than surprised, he was shocked to feel his heart beat erratically in his chest the first time he saw the small brunette walk into his first hour class.

She looked tiny, fragile in some fatal way, her eyes were drooped from tiredness, walk shuffled, jeans baggy.

That day she didn't bother to mess with her hair, and swept it into a falling-apart-bun on the crown of her head.

And that day, she was exhausted.

Telling himself that he didn't care would be a lie, Xavier nearly shouted his worry across the room.

...but he held back.

The Devil watched as she crossed the room, walked down the center isle, stopped at his row.

His fists clenched, electric blue eyes darkened as his breath hitched.

Was she...was she going to sit by him?

No, for she was sitting next to her best friend and was against the wall where a chair was seven feet away. Which, to Xavier, was far too long a distance to be separated from her -even as she put her head down to sleep.

Then Jessamine Thatch sat down beside her best friend and blocked his view of her. It made him hate that blonde, for a moment, and his irritation with Jessie would stay.

Following Jessamine was Calum Hilton, the Devil's best friend, as they had obviously been making out a second before.

Often, the Devil and Angel would laugh at the names given to them. Cal, and angel? It was laughable, truly.

If only people knew the things he does behind locked doors.

Calum would sit between Xavier and the girl as well, which made him angry.

For as much as it seemed the world and his mind wanted them together, a lot of things suddenly seemed to push them apart.

Then Jessamine, the crazy girl, would poke her best friend in the side and cause her to snap awake.

"Jess-" She scowls, slinking down in her chair, long brown curls thrown over the edge. Now, Xavier could see her face and growled lowly to himself at home unhappy she looked.

For as much as she's worth, that girl can't feel eyes on her when she's so tired.

And for as much as he's worth, Xavier was grateful for that fact.

Nobody really likes the Devil much, scared of his name, reputation or features.

To him, she only knows his name, reputation and features.

Who wouldn't be scared of the Devil?

Jessamine cuts her best friend off, more than annoyed as she knows where she's been all night. "Emmeline Rose Carter-"

There, just then, she said it, her name,

Emmeline Rose Carter.

Now that's all Xavier would be able to focus on, her name. The Wolf boy would want to make her his, bite her in the most pleasurable ways.

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