Chapter 24

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My lips shook in pure fear as I anticipate his huge built coming towards me. A very audible gasp came out of my mouth when he snatched me so effortlessly like I am just a piece of paper to him. Mariin niyang hawak ang palapulsuhan ko habang salubong ang mga kilay na hinihila ako. I was shamelessly staring into space, still got the time to be awed and at the same time very afraid as I watch how mad he looked like. It took me seconds before I was able to get a hold of my sanity and immediately pull my arm from him. Malakas siyang nag-mura at nilingon ako.

"Putang ina, pumasok ka!" Sigaw niya. My eyelids were palpating as I try my best to look up to him without flinching. I took all my will power to appear prideful and unbothered despite him gradually going ballastic in front of me.

"No! Ano ba, Tyson?" Was all I could ever say. Disappointment washed all over me as I fail to sound and appear strong. Tang ina! Give your best shot at least for once, Apple! Don't let him do you like this!

"You fucking get in before I lose it. I fucking swear." His breathing is labored and I find it so hilarious that he's acting like this. Hah! What is he trying to pull off?

"Hindi mo ba maintindihan? I have an engagement and I—"

Napa tili ako nang inisang kabig lang ako ng kanang braso niya at umangat na ako sa ere. I fisted on the soft cloth of his polo shirt— afraid I might fall. But when he successfully put me inside his car, I realized that no matter how much I try to get away and fight these irrational feelings, I will always... always still fall for him and his wicked ways.

He snatched the lunch box away from my hands. Napapikit ako nang malakas niyang isinara ang pintuan ko. I could easily unlock the door and run away but the chilling effect of his stare outside the window is an enough barricade for me and a profound sign for me to no longer resist. Fuck!

I inhaled his very addicting and familiar scent when he got inside the car. Mas lalo na noong yumukod siya palapit sa akin at pwersahang isinuot sa akin ang seat belt ko. Still furious.

Napa-tili ulit ako nang biglaan at mabilis niyang pinaandar ang sasakyan. So abrupt that I heard the scrunching sounds of his tire against the cemented floor. Napaka rahas ng lalaking ito!

Matulin at mabilis ang patakbo niya habang palabas kami ng school grounds. My heart is still jumping up and down as I catch my breath from all the stunts he pulled earlier. Napaka gago ng lalaking ito!

I shut my eyes tight and gathered all my strength to speak up again. Kahit sobrang kabado ko at sobrang nakakatakot ng disposisyon niya ngayon.

"Ibalik mo ako dun, Tyson! I have an engagement with my friend and you just can't break into my schedule—"

"Fucking friend, huh? And he's in your schedule, huh? Is that the fucking reason why you can't show up on my fucking games?" Putol niya agad at masama akong tinitigan. Kitang kita ko ang namumula niyang leeg at batok. There was an ample of sweat in his forehead and I cannot believe I still find him so fucking attractive despite everything that he did! Plus the new haircut! Tang ina.

"Engagement my ass! Kalat na kalat ang landian niyo sa campus! Don't you fucking make excuses on me!" I can hear a strong hint of hatred from his voice. At kahit na kabadong kabado at natatakot, hindi ko lubos mawari kung bakit pumipintig pa rin ng ganito ang puso ko.

I gasped for some air as I tirelessly try to collect my rational self to put up a good fight. Putang ina mo, Tyson!

"Kaya ba? Ha? Kaya ka ba hindi na sumisipot kasi may bago ka nang nilalandi? At talagang alagang alaga mo pa, ha? Putang ina, pinapakain mo pa!" He roared. I continued to focus on gathering my pent up anger.

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