Chapter 1: Beginning of the Journey

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"Here's your train ticket.I'm sorry I can't accompany you there."
Wang Yibo's mother uttered with tears while giving him the train ticket.

"I'll be fine mom. Besides, uncle is here to accompany me there."
Wang Yibo replied with a smile and got the train ticket from her.He can see his mother strugglling with her own emotions.

" Yes Jie.I'm here to escort him.Don't worry."
Linwen (Yibo's uncle) said.Yibo's mother nodded and patted Yibo's head.

"Be polite with others.Especially at the place where you're going to stay.It's not a boarding house, but they still agreed to board you there because of your uncle's request.So be kind. Besides, they're your uncle's best friends."
Yibo's mother advised him and Yibo just nodded as a reply.

"Please take care of yourself.Eat well and get enough sleep.Try not to overwork.Make sure to call me.okay?"
She uttered again and hugged him tightly.

"Yes mom. You worry too much.I'll be okay."
Wang Yibo assured with a smile while trying to hide his pains.He hugged her back.

This is a huge deal to him because this is the first time he is separating from his family and moving to somewhere else.

This is a huge deal to him because this is the first time he is separating from his family and moving to somewhere else

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Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo is a hardworking university student who tried to achieve his goals.Also, he is good with his looks.He lives in a small but beautiful village in Wuyuan countryside in China with his family.He came from a poor family background where his father was a driver.His mother is suffering badly from osteoporosis so she can't work. And his brother is still schooling.Yibo is a gifted student although he studied in the midst of a poor background.But unfortunately, his father died in an accident , so Yibo had to give up his studies and had to bear the burden of the family and take care of his ill mother and his small brother.

After Yibo's father's death, his uncle Zhao Linwen helped his family a lot. But Yibo and his mother didn't like to be a burden to him because they know Linwen also suffering both mentally and financially because his beloved wife has a cancer.

Linwen is Yibo's mother's only brother and he is only 8 years older than Yibo.So he is more like a friend and a brother to Yibo than an uncle.Linwen is a very kind and loving man also his wife.Yibo and his family really love Linwen and his wife.They also live close to Yibo's house.

Linwen has been married for 3 years and he has no children.After a while,they found out Linwen's wife is having a womb cancer stage 3.That news was a great shock for Linwen.

Yibo knew how much his uncle loves his aunty.Yibo know how he is suffering.That's why Yibo was always there for him when he is having a hard time.

After his father's death Yibo did some part time jobs while going to university but he couldn't cover his family's expenses.So he totally gave up on studies and focused on finding a job but he failed.So he asked help from his uncle to find him a job as soon as possible.As per the Yibo's request Linwen hardly found a suitable job for him but in Shanghai.Linwen is a post graduate from Shanghai university.When he attending to university he work in that company as an intern.So Linwen know the owner of the company and asked a favour from him.The boss accepted Yibo as a employee after the interview.Linwen also arranged Yibo a place to stay.So finally Yibo is here at the Wuyuan station with his baggage to move to Shanghai.Linwen volunteered to escort him to Shanghai.

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