Chapter 27: All Yours

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Zhan returned home immediately after receiving a call from Yubin. However, for unknown reasons, his heart became restless and began to throb violently as he nears home.

As Zhan entered the house Yubin couldn't wait and screamed at him enthusiastically.

"Zhan your puppy is all yours."
Zhan's face paled as he saw Ziyi and Yanli was with him. How the fuck Yubin said something like that when Yanli was there. But wait, what did he said?

As Yanli saw Zhan, her face turned red due to the frustration. She grabbed something on the table without even looking what it is and started to hit Zhan.

"Jie that's my bag!" Ziyi exclaimed. But Yanli seems to have not heard it. Zhan was perplexed due to Yanli's sudden outburst.

"Ah! Ah! Jie it hurts." Zhan exclaimed as Yanli didn't seem to stop hitting him. What did he do wrong? Never in his life his Jie hit him like this before.

"You stupid moron!" Yanli shouted angrily. Zhan started to run through the living room as Yanli  grabbed something else and was about to throw it at him. But Yanli also started to chase after him.

"Jie calm down. What happened to you. Ouch!" Zhan cried as it hit him. Yanli appears satisfied after it hits Zhan's forehead, but she later realizes it was her phone. But she care less. She came to a halt and caught her breath.

"Let me catch a breath, then you're dead meat!" Yanli mumbled under her heavy breath while glaring at him.

Zhan, who has no idea why he was beaten by his sister, didn't think twice to use his ultimate weapon, his puppy eyes with pouty lips, which he used as a child. It was a complete success when it comes to his Jie.

Yubin and Ziyi were dumbfounded as Yanli and Zhan were acting like small kids as they had never seen this side of this sister and brother

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Yubin and Ziyi were dumbfounded as Yanli and Zhan were acting like small kids as they had never seen this side of this sister and brother.

Yanli started to calm down. Zhan felt relieved when he saw his Jie had finally calmed down. But still Zhan was confused.  When Yanli saw Zhan's confusing face again she couldn't help but to flick his forehead.

"Jie....." Zhan cried again, his face already red due to heavy breath.

Yanli stick out her tongue and walked away. She sat down in the table and straightened her back, fixed her rumpled hair, she spoke nothing, her face looking calm. It was as if the person who chased his brother while screaming like a witch, beating him with this and that, throwing at him her phone, and flicking the other person's head had nothing to do with her. She appears to be her usual self, calm and diplomatic. Ziyi couldn't hold her chuckle.

Zhan's forehead was painfully red. He rubbed his forehead and appeared to have his whole body aching as Yanli hit him here and there. Yubin dragged him to the table, sat him down and began to tell the whole story. Hearing what happened, Zhan's complexion switched between pale and flustered. He was so happy but couldn't look at his Jie's face and looked down like a child who was going to be punished by mother. But Yanli came, hugged him, and cried while yelling at him again, hitting his chest. In between Yanli's tantrums, he hugged his Jie and also couldn't hold his tears. He was mad with himself, when he realized he hurt Yibo because of nothing.

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