Chapter 37: Dense Bunny

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Yibo woke up in the morning with a groan as his whole body was sore. His back was in the most terrible condition. He couldn't move a bit as he was trapped between his bunny's limbs. Zhan looked so innocent right now, Yibo couldn't believe he was the same person who wrecked him the whole night like a fucking bull. His face flushed as he remembered how he begged for more like a heated bitch, so shamelessly.

This is so embarrassing!

Yibo caressed Zhan's cheek as he wanted to have a shower, but his body couldn't move an inch.

"Gege..wake up..." Yibo cooed.

"Gege... wake up you sleepy head! Yibo wants a bath..."

"Gege...wake up.... Zhan-ge??" Yibo shouted this time.

Zhan huffed, still with his eyes closed, embraced Yibo even more tightly, as if he was his little teddy bear, and fell asleep again. Yibo glared at the sleeping bunny and screamed more.

"You jerk! Wake up and take responsibility! I can't walk, my whole body is sore!!!"

"Baby, you wore me out until the dawn. Let daddy sleep, okay?" Zhan grumbled in a deep and sexy bedroom voice, still with his eyes closed.

Yibo's ears turned so red from embarrassment. Daddy? Why the fuck does he call himself a daddy now? It was only because of the body heat at that time. He scowled like an angry duck as Zhan was still not getting up.

"Well, this fucking baby wants a bath, but everything hurts, you jerk!" Yibo slapped him on the pecs, which did no damage at all.

Zhan finally opened his eyes only to see a scarily angry baby pup scowling at him.
"My baby wants a bath?" Zhan purred, nuzzling against his neck, who had just shouted profanity. Zhan only chuckled.

"Look at you being marked. It's so sexy." Zhan licked and sucked the purplish love bites on his neck.

"Nooooo! Stay away from me... you pervert!" Yibo shivered and whimpered as Zhan was busy licking his neck while his fingers were touching his already swollen nips. Yibo immediately slapped his naughty hands away.

Zhan pouted like a innocent child and looked at him with puppy eyes. Yibo's eyes widened in shock knowing what he is asking for. What the fucking fuck?

"No way! I'm not letting you touch me for a week!" An angry puppy screamed in his face. He wants to beware from this horny bunny. If he gives in easily he will dare to pounce on him then and there. Even though Yibo knew he can't resist his bunny's hotness, he don't want to suffer from broken waist and butt. They were not made of steel after all.

"What? You can't blame me when you're the one who asked for more, moaning beneath me. How could I control myself when my boyfriend is this sexy? Moreover, I know you're the one who enjoyed it the most last night." Zhan winked at him, making Yibo very red.

"Even though I asked for it you're still a jerk." Zhan smirks as Yibo spats with a red face.

"Or really? then let me violate you this once." Zhan chuckles before hoisting Yibo up and carrying him out of bed, intending to playfully molesting him in the bath.

The warm bath went with Yibo's huffs and puffs as Zhan was molesting him then and there. After so much effort, Zhan cleaned his puppy without fucking him again, who was moaning, sitting between his legs when Zhan's hand softly ran through his body, washing him therapeutically. Even though Yibo was sore, he couldn't help but moan when Zhan's hands spread the body wash on his sensitive places. He knew it was hard for Zhan as he felt his... but after all the effort, Yibo felt somewhat comfortable after having a warm bath and he was relieved as this horny bunny didn't pounce on him when he is already sore.

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