Chapter 28: He is Fine

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Yibo's heart sank, and tears welled up in his eyes.

After Zhan left the house Yanli tried to contact him after few hours. She was concerned because Zhan appeared really tired. So she wanted to make sure he was okay and if he feel drowsy, tell him to take a small nap in a service area. But when she realized Zhan's phone was switched off she couldn't stop worrying. They tried so many times to contact Zhan but unable to do so. Yanli was about to cry when Yubin and Ziyi consoled her as much as they can. But Yanli was already in tears.

"Jie don't worry. He'll be fine. He was not at home since morning. And as soon as he got home he left. So may be his phone is dead. Let's wait and see, okay." Yubin also so worried about Zhan.

"I'm scared. What if something happen?" Yanli shuttered.

"Let's call Yibo and ask him whether he came or not. Now at this time, Zhan should be there."

"What are we going to tell him?" Yubin uttered while pulling his hair.

"Let's just say Zhan got in the car right away, knowing he had gone home and came to get him, without saying anything else. And now we can't reach him because his phone is turned off. Then inquire whether he is already there or if not call us back as soon as Zhan arrives."

"But what if he questions why Zhan traveled so far just because of him in this situation? He is well aware of the amount of work we have here. But Zhan left everything here and went there just for him. Moreover he is angry with Zhan." Yubin asked again as he knows Yibo will exactly question them about this.

"Let's say we don't know either. We don't have any other choices right now. But I don't think he'll question so much after learning about the situation. He will act exactly like Jie. When it comes to Zhan how much he is angry with Zhan he can't stop worrying." Ziyi replied when Yanli barely nodded and called Yibo. But she couldn't hold her tears when talking to him so Yibo's heart also filled with fear.

"N-no j-jie... it.. it... can't be. Nothing will happen to him. But why the fuck at the first place he came this far in the middle of the night?" Yibo spatted. But the real thing he need to know right now is if Zhan is safe or not so he didn't asked any further.

He promised Yanli to get back to her as soon as Zhan arrived and hung up he call with heavy heart. He also tried several time but still Zhan's phone is switched off. He couldn't get any sleep again. He started walking around the room still, couldn't calm down. With tears streaming down his cheeks, Yibo could only do prayed for Zhan's safety.

Yibo is aware of Zhan's hectic schedule these days. He worked long hours without getting any sleep. Even in that situation, Zhan came this far alone in the middle of the night because of him. Everything happened solely just because of him. He cursed himself for being so stubborn. If he didn't choose to come Wuyuan today, nothing will happen. Yibo is in a position where he will not forgive himself if anything happens to Zhan. He is mad at himself. Yibo continue to pace in the room, restless.

2.00 a.m
"Gege please be safe. Come back soon. I miss you so much." Yibo mumbled wiping his tears.

2.30 a.m
"Gege, Zhan-ge, why isn't your phone still working? Don't scare us like this and come back quickly." Yibo was sitting on the bed and yanking his head with both hands.

3.30 a.m
"Ge please.. Even if you drive at low speed, it's more than enough time now. Where are you?"

Sometimes pacing back and forth in the room, sometimes sitting on bed, sometimes sitting on the floor, looking at the time every now and then, with a heavy heart he was restless as fuck

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Sometimes pacing back and forth in the room, sometimes sitting on bed, sometimes sitting on the floor, looking at the time every now and then, with a heavy heart he was restless as fuck. He felt indescribable fear, and felt so helpless when he realized that there was nothing else he can do but wait for Zhan.

Yibo heard his mother wake up around 5 a.m. and go into the kitchen. She's probably making breakfast. Yibo let out a heavy breath. With a burning heart, he told his mother about everything, sobbing. His mother understood as soon as she saw Yibo's face, that he had been awake all night after learning of the situation. His eyes were swollen, his face was red, and his nose was wet. Yibo's mom called Linwen and asked him to come. When he learned everything, he took Yibo with him and went to find Zhan with his bike. They went more than 15 km, hoping to meet Zhan on the way, but all in vain. Mrs.Xiao and Yanli call him from time to time, but he doesn't know how to console them. Yibo looked along the road to see if there had been an accident anywhere. But there is no sign. Yibo felt like he was going crazy.

"Yibo please stop crying. We covered more than 15km. How far are we going to go like this. Let's get back home and wait. okay?" Yibo listened to him as he couldn't ask Linwen more than that and also understood there was no point in going on like this. So they went back home.

Everyone was sitting in the living room, staring out the window. Linwen was on the phone with Yanli, pacing back and forth and exhausting himself in an attempt to console her. Yibo's mother is also looking at the road while caressing Yibo's head, who has a headache from crying. Everyone was so worried.

At the same time, they became aware of a car stopped in front of the house. They noticed Zhan enter the house.

Linwen, who was on the phone with Yanli, let out a massive breath relief

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Linwen, who was on the phone with Yanli, let out a massive breath relief.

"Ge!" Yibo screamed as soon as he saw Zhan, jumped and clung onto Zhan's neck like a koala. He had forgotten everything else.

" are W-what happened? Wh..where were you? Y-your p-phone is not working..." Yibo managed to utter through the hiccups. He let go of Zhan's neck and examined him from head to toe to ensure he was completely fine. As soon as he realized Zhan was fine, he let out a breath of relief and placed a kiss in Zhan's crook of the neck and started to sob against Zhan's neck, hiding his face in there.

"'s okay baby...I'm fine...see your gege is totally fine...I'm sorry my lil pup...stop crying plz..." Zhan tried so hard to calm him down.

When Zhan saw Yibo's swollen eyes, red nose, flushed cheeks and broken words with hiccups Zhan really wanted to kiss him untill he become breathless. But when he saw Linwen and Yibo's mother was there too... Fuck what? oh my! What am I going to do now? Zhan thought as he could feel their gaze on them. Yibo seems to forget where he was still clinging to him. Zhan is aware that everyone is worried, and he desperately wanted to call his home first, but he couldn't control his sobbing pup.

"Ahem.." Linwen fake coughed to gain the attention of the lovebirds,  who were lost in their own world.

"Zhan Yanli is on the line. They're so worried." He hand over the phone.

"Yes Jie. No no I'm totally fine. Yeah my battery was dead. I totally forgot about that as I left suddenly. Yeah I felt drowsy on the way so I had a short nap. But when I was awake that's when I realized I slept for more than 3 hours. That's why I was late. Yeah I know...I'm Sorry jie. I really wanted to come as soon as possible and contact you. I'm really sorry. Aaw.. Uhh... Jie puppy had become a fierce lion .. ouch puppy!" Zhan cried while on phone call as his angry lion cub started to throw a tantrum after hearing the conversation. He almost had a heart attach but this idiot has been sleeping this whole time. This is so unfair!

"Alright Jie I'll inform you when we're leaving here!"
Zhan said before hanging up.

To be continued...

So nothing happened to Zhan. This is a fluffy romantic story without much drama. So you don't need to worry. It's now Yibo's turn. Let's see what our angry lion cub will do.😅

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