Chapter 39: Back in the days

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"Yibo!" Yubin screamed holding to Yibo who was trembling like a withered leaf. Zhan came running after hearing Yubin's scream.

"Baby what happened?" Zhan embraced Yibo, who was sobbing and trembling. Yibo clung to Zhan as if his life depended on it, mumbling in a trembling voice.

"My a-aunt. They said she p-passed away."
Zhan hugged him tightly. He knew how much Yibo love his uncle and aunt. Zhan called Yanli right away to inform the bad news. Yanli was  so heartbroken about Linwen when she heard the news, as her friend also now going through the same tragedy she faced. Yanli knew how hard  it would be to live without the spouse. She was still in Korea so she asked them to go immediately and she booked the tickets to come to China right away.

Zhan, Cheng, Yibo, Yuan and Mrs. Xiao left to the Wuyuan immediately. Yibo was feeling terrible as he couldn't stay with her aunty in her last minute.

They straight went to funeral hall. Yibo's  heart clenched when he saw the condition of his uncle. Linwen looks so broken, his eyes were red and face was pale. For few hours he didn't  talk with anyone. He was staring off into the distance with a blank expression, unable to organize his emotions.

The ritual was carried out following the bathing ceremony. Yibo couldn't stop sobbing when coffining body was presented at the ceremony. She was his second mother after all. Zhan was holding him tightly consoling him when Mrs.Xiao and Yibo's mom was holding Linwen with tears. The mourners started to attended the ceremony and express their condolences. They felt pity for Linwen as he was still young.

Yibo had to do the all the runnings and greeting guests as Linwen is not in much good condition. He was exhausted in few hours and didn't even had time to eat. Yanli presented herself in the evening. Zhan and Yanli was always there to help Yibo and Linwen to get affairs in order and make necessary arrangements.

When Yibo went to see if his mother had eaten or taken her medicine, there she was, holding her waist, whimpering in pain. Yibo knew this would happen and she would miss her medicine.

"We have enough people to get the work done here. Can't you sit somewhere and rest? What am I going to do if you also get sick in this condition." Yibo scolded her.

As a result of Yibo's yelling, his mother finally agreed to go home and rest. As their home was in walking distance, Yibo accompanied her as Zhan was near Linwen. So he didn't disturb him.

Yibo dumped his exhausted ass in a chair after returning home. He had to go back to the funeral parlor but decided to eat something first. But that's when his mom came to him and handed him an envelop.

"Your aunt asked me to give this to you." She went to the room again in tears when remind of her. Yibo didn't have any idea what would be it. With trembling hands, he opened the envelope.

Yibo went to Linwen's home and went straight to the room where his aunt was. After that he started looking for something. After a while, when he found what he was looking for, he went home again and hid it in his room before went to the funeral parlor again.

Nine months later

Yibo was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a bow tied around his neck. After the make up artist finished his make up, Yibo looked at the mirror to see if there was anything missing.

 After the make up artist finished his make up, Yibo looked at the mirror to see if there was anything missing

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