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"Where are we going?" Yibo asked curiously when Zhan was driving through a beautiful marine line. He beamed happily as it had been so long he visited a beach. He always insisted Zhan to take him on a beach holiday as he loves beaches.

"Just wait a bit my love." Zhan cooed making Yibo pout, but his eyes widened when Zhan entered a luxury vacation resort.

"Wow so beautiful." Yibo screamed while entering to their luxurious room, enjoying the romantic setting view. Zhan placed there luggage and back hugged Yibo who was jumping here and there like a mad puppy.

 Zhan placed there luggage and back hugged Yibo who was jumping here and there like a mad puppy

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"How was the suprise?" Zhan kissed his ear.

"I love it. I can enjoy the sun, sea and sand like never before. Thank you hubby." Yibo turned and hugged his husband with so much love.

"Where is my reward?" Zhan buried his face on Yibo's neck kissing and licking it. Yibo giggled feeling ticklish.

"My hubby deserved a yummy reward but keep it later.  Let's enjoy the beach first." Yibo jumped happily.

"Sure, go get ready. We can go for a surf also. I know you love surfing. I'll call Yubin to check on Yuan." Zhan ruffled his hair.

"Alright. Tell Yuan that I miss him already." Yibo kissed his cheek before running to the bed room to get changed. He opened the luggage only to see the gift given by Ziyi was inside first.

"What would be this?" Yibo unwrapped the gift curiously as he recall the wicked smirk on Ziyi's face when she presented this.

"Oh fuck!" Yibo curse under breath finding what is inside before immediately closed it and hide it under the bed. His heart was beating widly. His whole self turned red and hot feeling awkwardly aroused. Thank god Zhan was not here to see that.

"WHAT WAS THAT????" Ziyi smirked reading Yibo's massage. She could imagine Yibo's red face now.

"Oh come on buddy. It's your anniversary after all. Don't be so boring. Why won't you make it memorable for your husband? He gave you a beautiful surprise. It's your time to surprise him now. By the way good luck!" Ziyi giggled at her own reply before send it to Yibo.

Yibo read the massage while blushing, tossed the phone away when he heard Zhan's foot steps before dashing to the bathroom to get ready ignoring his chaotic mind.

After having the lunch they went to the beach and have all the fun, relaxing in warm sunny weather. Zhan enjoyed the view of his childish husband who was running here and there enjoying the beach. They went for surf, dive and a small picnic on a deserted island near the resort. They enjoyed the sunset and romantic dine under the stars before coming to their room.

"Papa I miss you!" Yuan screamed after seeing Yibo in a vedio call.

"I miss you too baby. How was your day?" Yibo spoke with Yuan for few minutes as he and Zhan both missing their little pie.

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