Chapter 15: Portraits

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Yibo's lips curved upward softly when he saw the scene unfolding in front of him. Yibo kept the glass of milk in the bedside table, knelt beside Zhan's bed and fondly smiled at the sight. The rays of sunlight creeps through the curtains makes Zhan looks more fascinating. His beautiful eyes were peacefully closed, his long and dark lashes moving in a rhythm according to his clam breath, his hair was messy and his white nightwear was slightly open revealing bit of his milky white chest, his irresistible pink lips were parted cutely releasing a soft snore, and the mole underneath his lips looks so fucking tempting. This giant bunny was hugging a pillow tightly in between his four long limbs. The whole view made Yibo's heart skipped a beat. Yibo couldn't believe this man was the cold prince he know, he totally looked like a baby right now. He got a strong desire to caress his whole face. But Yibo's hand paused in mid-air when Zhan quivered a little in sleep due to the disturbing sunlight.

Yibo's promptly held his breath, his beautiful orbs widening in panic. But Zhan nuzzled his face against his pillow and drifted to sleep again. Yibo exhaled a breath of relief and stood up immediately without making a noise. He was about to leave the room but something on the study table caught his attention. He got close to have a look. But the scene made his eyes widening in surprise, he almost forgot to breath. It was a portrait of his, drawn by Zhan. Below the pencil art there was his signature and the date. Yibo notice the date was yesterday and he realized Zhan had drawn this in the yesterday night.

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Yibo flipped through the previous pages, and he found that on each page, it was him. Also on each page there was the exact date it was drawn. Zhan even remembers Yibo's outfit he wore on those exact days. It was so beautiful that Yibo couldn't take his eyes off of the drawings. Yibo flipped through each of these pages with tears in his eyes, accidentally turning the first page of the book in half. He could only see the date at the corner of the first page and noticed it was a date three years ago. Sudden curiosity hit him cuz he knew there couldn't be his portrait since Zhan only knew him after coming to this house. He wanted to have a look at who was drawn in first few pages, but a sudden voice held him back.

"Where is Yibo? Is he late today?"
Yibo heard Mrs.Xiao's voice coming from downstairs. He realized he had spent more time in Zhan's room. He didn't want anyone to come into Zhan's room to find him. Moreover, It was very bad to invade others' privacy anyway. So he immediately put away the drawing book and went near Zhan's bed to have one last look at the sleeping angle.

"Gege, my lovely gege... You look so close yet so far... But I'm falling deeply for you everyday..."
Yibo muttered under his breath while gently removing the few hairs covering Zhan's forehead. He knows he won't be able to confess when Zhan is awake. So he gathered his courage while thinking about his portraits Zhan had drawn. Yibo was happy. He could feel Zhan also having mutual feelings. So he decided to confess and left the room in satisfaction.

Yibo joined with others at the dining table and had his breakfast.

"Yibo are you going somewhere this weekend?"
Yanli asked, while munching food. At the same time, Zhan came downstairs after waking up. Yibo looked at his eyes, but as usual, Zhan avoided his eyes immediately.

"I'm planning to go home, Jie. I couldn't have had a chance to go home after I came here. So my mother asked me to come this weekend." Latter replied.

"That's good. We're coming too. " Yanli exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Huh?" the latter was confused.

"You're going home, but we're going on a trip. You can go with us and then come with us too. During those two days, you can take us to see the beautiful places in your countryside. I'll book a hotel for us to stay at. But we'll pay a visit to your home as well as Linwen's. I'd like to pay a visit to your aunty. I hope she is okay now. "

"Yeah, We didn't get a chance to visit her after we found out she was sick. I'd also like to pay her a visit." Mrs.Xiao agreed with Yanli because she too felt compelled to pay a visit to Linwen's wife, who is ill and having a difficult time right now.

Yibo looked down at their statement as he remembered his aunty. Yibo knows she can't be cured. Her health is deteriorating day by day. Yibo's trance broke when he heard Cheng's scream. As soon as Yanli said they'd go on a trip, Cheng screamed in joy.
"Awesome! I always wanted to go on a trip to Yibo-ge's countryside. "

They planned the trip while they were eating. Yanli wanted to rent out a van so they could enjoy as much as possible and more people could participate in the trip. Everyone was excited about the trip. Yibo was happy too, cuz he knew everyone was looking forward to going on a trip to his beautiful countryside.

"Yibo why don't you invite Kuan and Ziyi as well? They once said they also love to visit your countryside. "
Yanli was the one who constantly picked up Yibo from the office after she returned, therefore she is now very friendly with Yibo's friends Haikuan and Ziyi. So Yanli requests that Yibo to invite them as well. Yanli's words made Yibo very happy. It would be really fun if those two crackheads came. Finally when breakfast is over everything was settled. They also decided to invite few of Zhan's friends.

"Okay then. I'll inform to my mom and uncle." Yibo said goodbye to them without waiting anymore and went to the office as it was already late.


To be continued...

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