Chapter 20: About his crush

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"No, but I do have a crush on someone." Zhan replied as if he had read Yibo's mind. Yibo's heart skipped a beat.

"What? Who the hell is that even we don't know." Xuan shouted as he heard a "crush" word from Zhan. It seems like he is drunk.

"He's referring to that person, moron, whom he's been crushing on for three years. Other than that, who else could this man crush on." Yubin interrupted but received a death glare from Zhan. Yubin immediately shut off.

"Oh that one! His first love! Only he knows about that person, not us. " Xuan uttered.

"Xuan..." Zhan said in a high voice while glaring and about to say something because he felt this conversation was not going to end well, but Xuan cut him off. Ziyi realized Zhan did not want to talk about it. On the other hand, Yibo was devastated after hearing that.

"But dude, don't you have an idea to move on? It has been three years now. You met that one only once on your university trip. After that, you weren't able to find him. How about Fei? She is a... " Drunken Xuan continued blabbering but shuttered in the middle.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP XUAN!" Zhan roared loudly. Everyone flinched with Zhan's sudden outburst. Zhan looked at Xuan as he was ready to skin him alive if he uttered one more word. Then he left the table angrily. Yubin, who was more sober than the others, immediately followed Zhan.

Yibo, on the other hand, felt totally hopeless. He tried to control his tears. It's all clear now. Why was Zhan giving him the cold shoulder without giving him a chance? He is waiting for someone, for his first love. Zhan waited three years despite having only one-sided love.

As for Yibo, Zhan drew his portraits, and kissing him was a big deal. He had a hope. But now it's all over. "What a jerk! He gave me false hope. All are my illusions only. " Yibo thought in his mind. But he knows he can't totally blame Zhan for that. Because Zhan never gave him a word after all.

He felt so helpless, so hopeless, so frustrated. He gets drunk until he is wasted.

After a while, Yubin, who followed Zhan, came back without Zhan. Zhan didn't join with them again.

Yibo, that's enough! You're drunk. " Ziyi tried to remove the bottle from his hand, but Yibo didn't give in.

"I want to drink until I faint." Yibo stubbornly started to drink again. Ziyi was frustrated as well. She always wanted to help Yibo and tried her best. She also didn't expect anything like this. She is so mad at Zhan. That jerk does not deserve Yibo.

After a while, one by one, they left the table. Those who were still sober assisted other drunkards in getting to their rooms. Ziyi couldn't leave Yibo alone, who was totally wasted and sleeping, leaning his head on the table. Finally, Ziyi, Yibo, and Yubin were the only ones left. Ziyi was about to ask Yubin for help to carry Yibo to his room, but he received a call, so he left the table and went over to talk. It was already late, so Ziyi got up and, with great difficulty, grabbed Yibo's arm and put it on her shoulder to support him.

"Oh god! You're so heavy. " She clicked her tongue and was about to drag him to his room, but a sudden voice held her back.

"I'll take him to his room." Zhan came to them and possessively and forcefully removed Yibo's body from Ziyi. Ziyi was stunned. She couldn't believe what's wrong with Zhan. She was so mad at him.

"Stay away from him!" She yelled at him.

"What?" Zhan glared at her.

"Yibo is our responsibility until he is in our home. So we won't allow him to be in unnecessary relationships until then. " Zhan continued.

Ziyi was fuming with rage due to Zhan's words. What the actual fuck? If Yibo stayed there for five years, that means he can't be in a relationship until he is 28. Is he going crazy? More than that, is he suspecting Yibo and me together? He really must be losing his mind. She felt so done with Zhan.

"Mr.Zhan who do you think you are to meddle in Yibo's business? It is up to Yibo to have a relationship or not. Moreover, you know exactly why Yibo is like this. You're up to no good. So stop getting involved with him and stop hurting him already. " She uttered it rudely. She doesn't want to meddle in their relationship. But she could no longer see Yibo's suffering.

She thought it was good that Yibo was wasted so he couldn't hear what Zhan said. Otherwise, he will get frustrated again. Ziyi had never talked this rudely to a man before, but she lost herself in Zhan's nonsense. On the other hand, Zhan didn't expect Ziyi to shout like this, so he was dumbfounded. No one had ever spoken to Zhan like that in his life. But he was lost with his words because Ziyi was true.

"You can go on your own. I can take him to the room." Ziyi stubbornly tried to get Yibo from Zhan's arms. That's when Yubin came after hearing this commotion.

"Ziyi! Yubin exclaimed.

"Hey, you came. That's good. Help me to carry Yibo to his room" Ziyi asked.

"No, you come here. Zhan will take care of him." Yubin forcefully dragged Ziyi with him.

"What are you doing? Yibo is wasted. I can't leave him with Zhan. I don't believe Zhan at any cost." Ziyi yelled. But Yubin didn't stop until they came in front of the girls' room.

As soon as Yubin released her hand, she began to rub her painful wrist while glaring at him.

"What the heck do you think you are doing?" She uttered angrily.

"There are many things you don't know. You shouldn't have shouted at Zhan like that. He is the one suffering the most here. "

"Really? If I don't know many things, you should have known them, right? Why don't you tell me what the heck your friend is doing here? Is he a coward? Stop taking his side." She knew she had done wrong, but she couldn't control her anger. Yibo was wasted, and his eyes were so red and puffy. She really hoped Kuan would be with them this time cuz she couldn't console and couldn't take care of Yibo properly.

"I can't say anything." Yubin uttered a sigh while looking down. Ziyi closed the door with a bang in front of Yubin's face. She knows Yubin is Zhan's best friend and he knows everything about Zhan. She really wanted to help Zhan and Yibo. But Yubin didn't say anything. Now she is angry at Yubin too.

Zhan was hurt by Ziyi's words. He sighed deeply after Yubin dragged Ziyi away, then carried Yibo in bridle style and went to his room. Yibo snuggled into Zhan's chest in sleep.

To be continued...

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