Chapter 17: Yellow Mountain

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Finally it's saturday. Everyone got ready and went to the Zhan's house to begin their journey. At 4.00 a.m a luxury KDH was there and everyone boarded. Yanli, little Yuan, Mrs.Xiao, Cheng, Zhan, Yibo, Ziyi, and Zhan's friends Yubin, Fei and Zhu was there. Everyone was so excited.

When Zhan saw Ziyi was there his face darkened. The other one also in the same situation. When Yibo saw Fei is there his face became gloomy. Why did this peahen have to come? On the other hand when Yubin saw Ziyi was there his eyes sparkled. Yubin first encountered Ziyi at Zhan's house, where she had gone to work with Yibo that night.

Yubin, Zhan, Xuan, and Cheng sat in the last row, with Yibo and Ziyi in front of them. Fei pouted when she saw there is no space near Zhan, for her to sit. So she was going to sit near Yibo and Ziyi but when she realized Zhu was alone, they both took the next seat while Yanli with Yuan and Mrs.Xiao sat on the very front row.

Zhan's face was not so good as Yibo and Ziyi was together alone.

They began the journey after everyone had settled down

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They began the journey after everyone had settled down. It was early in the morning so after a while one by one began to fall asleep. Yibo was bored because Ziyi fell asleep as soon as they got to the vehicle. After a while her head rolled down to Yibo's shoulder as Ziyi was in deep slumber.

"This sleepy head!" Yibo chuckled and shifted her head to a more comfortable position on his shoulder. Then he leaned to the seat and closed his eyes to get some sleep too.

"Aaahhhhh..." Ziyi who had been resting on Yibo's shoulder screamed at once. Yibo was in dream state, was startled and got up with a jerk. Yanli, Zhu and Mrs.Xiao looked behind as they heard Ziyi's scream. Thank god others were in deep sleep but some of them stirred slightly in response to the sudden noise before falling back asleep.

"Why? what's wrong?" Yibo asked with hooded eyes. Ziyi was still in daze due to jerk up from deep sleep. She didn't response but move down and rubbed her leg. Then her gaze turned straight back at the back seat. Zhan was leaning his head on the seat, snoring slightly, appeared to be in deep slumber. In Zhan's right, Yubin was sleeping with his headphones on, leaning against the window. In Zhan's left Xuan and Cheng too in deep sleep. When Ziyi noticed that everyone in the back seat was sleeping, she frowned and turned with a puzzled expression.

"May be that was a dream. But why does my leg hurts as if someone had actually hit my leg. It feels so numb." She mumbled.

"Are you dreaming?" Yibo frowned when he saw Ziyi's expressions.

"You almost woke up everyone!" Yibo whined and yawned.

"I think so. But it felt real. Even my leg feels numb as if it had been hit hard by someone." Ziyi cried out. Yibo shook his head and got back to sleep while Ziyi was unable to sleep due to the numb leg. So she leaned back in her seat and scrolled through her phone.

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