Chapter 21: In Wuyuan

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Zhan carried Yibo to his room. When they enter the room Cheng is already asleep in his bed, as Yibo and Cheng are sharing a room. Zhan placed him down on the bed and cleaned Yibo's sweaty body using a wet towel. Then found a pijama from Yibo's bag and put it on him carefully. After that, he looked at the sleeping angle. Yibo was sleeping soundly, like a small baby.

An inexpressible love written over Zhan's face

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An inexpressible love written over Zhan's face. With a soft and lovable smile, he caressed Yibo's face using his thumb, then softly kissed his forehead. Zhan can smell the baby cologne scent from Yibo's hair. It was very familiar to Zhan. Every time he was near Yibo, he smelled this smooth scent. Zhan almost guessed that Yibo never wore manly perfumes. He only uses baby cologne. Zhan really adores that scent. Zhan caressed his soft hair, then gently picked up Yibo's hand and softly placed a kiss on his fingers. He covered Yibo with a warm blanket and left the room with a sigh.

"Yibo-ge wake up. Get ready quickly. Others are waiting for you." Because of Cheng's voice, Yibo woke up in the morning with a jerk. Yibo struggled to open his eyes because he was suffering from a terrible headache. But suddenly he jumped out of bed, feeling discomfort in his stomach. He dashed straight to the bathroom and threw up until he felt empty. He has no energy left. With great difficulty, he had a shower and got ready. It seems like someone brought him to the room and even cleaned him thoroughly before putting on his night wear last night.

"Ge why did you drink so much if you can't handle it? I don't have hangover tablets but wait I'll ask from someone so you could feel better quickly." Cheng was about to leave the room when Yibo stopped him.

"Cheng it's already there on my nightstand. Isn't it you who got them for me?"

"No it's not me. Someone must have come and put that here."

"Didn't you see who it was?"

"No I didn't. After I got up no one entered the room. Someone must have brought it before I even got up. May be Ziyi jie? I don't know. Anyway drink that and got ready. We're running late." Yibo got ready quickly and drank it before leaving the room with Cheng.

"By any chance were you the one who took me to the room yesterday? But you left early right." Yibo asked further as he is curious.

"No it's not me. I was asleep and didn't know when you get to the room. I only saw you in the morning after I got up."

"Oh I see." Yibo muttered. They came across Ziyi about halfway.

"Yibo here. Drink this you'll feel better. You don't look so well." Ziyi said while giving him hangover tablets.

"Hey, I already had. I found some on my bedside table and I thought it was from you."

"No it's not me. But who cares? Hurry up now. Cmon... You're the only one late."

When Yibo and Ziyi got there everyone else was having breakfast. Even though Yanli and Ziyi insisted, Yibo did not take breakfast as he was not feeling well.

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