Chapter 40: A-Yuan

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Yanli was at the altar standing in front of Linwen. Yibo was standing beside Linwen as the bestman and Ziyi was standing beside Yanli as the bridesmaid. Yanli was looking so beautiful. Linwen's face was filled with so many emotions, looking at his beautiful wife. Yanli blushed and gave him a shy smile when she realized Linwen staring at her, with so much love written over his face and with his eyes sparkling.

Yibo's heart melted when he saw Zhan was there while holding their little pie in his arms. When Yibo came Zhan pointed him to Yuan where their little pie giggled seeing Yibo, babbling incoherent words, cooing at him, clapping his baby paws together. He couldn't speak words yet but able to blabber and making cooing noises and different sounds.

"He is so beautiful." Zhan mumbled proudly seeing his ethereal beauty.

The wedding ceremony started. Linwen and Yanli exchanged their rings. Mrs.Xiao and Zhan's eyes glittering with tears. In the midst of everyone's applause, Linwen accepted Yanli as his wife when Yanli did the same.

"Baby, look at your mom. She looks like an angel right?" Zhan pointed Yanli to him, whose face was beaming with happiness, exactly looking like an angel descended from heavens.

 She looks like an angel right?" Zhan pointed Yanli to him, whose face was beaming with happiness, exactly looking like an angel descended from heavens

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Linwen smiled, giving his attention to the crowd, which was applauding incessantly. Wait? Was he hallucinating? How come he could see his late wife MeiMei in the very back, with a relieved smile on her face. She gave him a soft smile again before disappearing into thin air. He could hear her voice in his head. "Always be happy, sweetheart."

"Wait!" Linwen didn't knew he said it loud. He came back to his sense when Yanli held his hand.

"What's wrong?" She asked, worried. Linwen immediately hugged her tightly.

"She is blessing us." He mumbled in low voice, snuggling to her. Yanli exactly knew who he was talking about.

"I know. She will always..." Yanli patted his back soothing him.


Wedding ceremony went well. Yanli was ready to throw her bouquet. Everyone was lined up in the back. In front of everyone Ziyi was clearly determined to catch the bouquet, threatening others to stay back, sending a glare as if to say "Anyone dare to catch it will be dead.". Others were teasing her, laughing on her antics. Yubin facepalmed.

"Stop embarrassing me. I'll marry you even though you didn't catch it." He whispered into her ear earning a death glare from Ziyi.

"Who wants to marry you?" She spats, still glaring. Yubin immediately pressed his lips together, holding his laugh.

Yanli counted up to three before throwing her bouquet. Ziyi tried her best to catch it jumping up, but it passed Ziyi's hands before falling into Yibo's. Yibo blinked twice.

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