Chapter 4: Jie's Departure

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"Jie, Is it true that I looked like your husband?" Yibo broke the silence engulfed between them after few minutes.Both Yanli and him was sitting on the wooded swing in the yard while enjoying the cool breeze in the evening.

"Huh?" Yanli was bewildered when Yibo abruptly asked such a question.

"Why did you asked? Did someone say something like that?"

"Mn, aunty Xiao and aunty Lan both said so." the latter replied.

"Yeah. You somewhat resemble him. The personality exactly like yours. Kind,humble and cheerful...His voice also bit like yours also his eyes... I remembered him the very first time I saw your eyes. Your face resembles him in some ways as well. That may be the reason why I open up with you easily."

"You still love him right? That's why you are still single. When our jie is this much beautiful and young."

"I don't want anyone else in my life.The gift he gave me was enough.I have my son..So that's enough for me to live the rest of my life." She whispered. Yibo saw her eyes glistening with tears.

"I'm sorry Jie. I shouldn't have asked that." Yibo regretted asking about Yuchen,her husband.

"That's fine bobo." She wiped her tears.At the very moment Cheng came with A-Yuan in his hands. As soon as little Yuan saw Yibo, he jumped to Yibo's arms.

"This boy really don't need mommy if he has his uncles." Yanli said with a chuckle.

"You love your uncles more than your mommy right, baby..."  Yibo teased Yanli and she pouted.  He gave a sweet kiss on Yuan's little nose. The little one giggled cutely and wrapped his little arms around Yibo's neck.

"Yibo ge,When his uncle Zhan comes our little Yuan won't be able to remember you. When Zhan-ge is here yuan doesn't want anyone else. He doesn't even go to jie's arms." Cheng uttered while pinching Yuan's round cheeks.

That's when Yibo remembered that there was another person too in this family.

Yuan and Zhan is sharing a special bond. Yuan is more drawn to Zhan than anyone else. Of course Yuan enamored with Zhan more than his own mother. So when Zhan is not around, everyday he talked with Yuan through a vedio call. After Yuchen's death Zhan was the one who fulfills fathers duties to the little Yuan.

Yanli walked to the kitchen to fetch a juice to Cheng.

"You guys talked about Yuchen-ge right?" Cheng asked after Yanli faded from the view.

"How did you know?" latter asked with a suprised look.

"Her eyes were all red and puffy. She always cries secretly when she thinks of Yuchen. But pretending be strong in front of us. So we don't talk about Yuchen in front of her." Cheng sighed.

"It was my fault.I asked about him first." Yibo was really sad.

"That's fine. She never shows her weaknessess in front of us. She really must be more comfortable around you."

"She is coming. Let's talk about something else." Yibo uttered when he saw Yanli approching.Yanli walked in with a juice in hand and joined in on their chit-chat.They talked about many things. Yibo was fascinated to hear things about Korea as Yanli lives there.

After a while three of them went inside as little Yuan dozed off in Yibo's arms nuzzling against his neck.


Yibo left from work and came out of the office building, when he noticed a familiar car parked in front of the office building.

"Jie!" Yibo shouted and smiled widely. Yanli waved her hand when she saw Yibo. He ran and hop on the car. Usually he walked to the home after he is done with the work.It takes him barely ten minutes to get home. But today Yanli is here to fetch him up.

"Where did you go Jie?"

"I'm going back day after tomorrow Bobo. So I went to buy some things for A-Yuan. And went to the supermarket too." Yibo saw the back seat was full of groceries.

"What? You are leaving already? But you said you'd be going back next week?" yibo pouted.

"Yeah. But there is a emergency situation in the company. Today I received a call from them.So I need to go back as soon as possible."

"When will you coming back?"
Yibo asked while sulking.

"Not quiet sure.May be after few weeks."
Yanli replied with a soft chukle as she saw latter's sulking face.

Yibo was closest with Yanli from everyone.He always felt the lack of a older sister but that gap was filled by Yanli.So Yibo was very sad when he heard about her leaving.

"Is there anything that you want? I'll bring them when I'm returning again. Cheng wrote and gave me a list, as usual." She tried to lightned up Yibo's mood.

"Mm... I need nothing. Just come back safely." Yibo uttered.

"Alright then If you need anything just call me okay?"

"Okay, Mmm.. but Jie! If your brother comes while you've gone ,will he chase me? He doesn't know yet right? That I'm here? You're not here to save me either." Yibo whined when he remembered that Zhan will be here soon.

"Who? ZhanZhan?" Yanli laughed so hard with his question.

"Don't be scared little Bo. You are having a great ability to become friends with anyone in a matter of minutes. You even be friends with everyone in our home in your very first day. ZhanZhan is not a bad boy. He simply has a cold personality. Thats all. He won't like you because he thinks your existence will be a disturb to him. He will throw a tantrum because non of us told him about you. We didn't tell him because we knew he would oppose. Moreover, these days we can't trust people very easily .So he is only concerned with our safety because he stands as the father of the family after our father's death. that's why. If he say something don't take it to your heart. ok? But trust me he is a good goy. Try to melt his cold heart with your puppy eyes because you are too adorable to ignore." Yanli giggled as she said that.

"I'm not a kid Jie!" Yibo shouted while pouting in annoyance. Yanli's laugh echoed in the car.

To be continued...


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